Walmart Inventory Question

When updating my inventory on Walmart I’ve come across a few that state 0 inventory, but when I go to update it my “on-hand” is correct, no orders have been made for it, but my available is 0. Does anyone know why this is?


Purely WFS here with Walmart but I can tell you that even that isn’t always accurate and glitch-prone.

Does this happen to you all the time or is it sporadic?

There have been instances were ~1000 units just vanish and then come back a few days later.

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So far it has happened with 14 out of 20 “out of stock” items.

Does Walmart “hold” items that are in customer carts?


This is how they say it works over at the Mart. It appears that it’s not an “in cart” scenario, rather sold.

Not sure but doubt it matters if you’re FBM or WFS. We are WFS only.


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