Walmart is changing prices without seller's authorization

Walmart changed a number of our items’ price without our authorization.

Check your listings.

If you have this, create a case and put all the item numbers and what the correct price should be.

Walmart wants the same problems in 1 case, unlike Amazon who wants 1 case per issue/item.

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Holy carp. How did you find out, an alert or a sale?

Is this an issue where they auto-enrolled you in their Dynamic Repricer Tool or whatever it’s called? They signed us up (without our knowledge) sometime this winter and we didnt’ realize it till we had a MAPP violation from a brand…went in and discovered it, and promptly dis-enrolled ourselves.


My inventory management program pushes prices to Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, etc. so if they ever change them on me, they should automatically get changed back, so I would never see it if Walmart was trying to change my prices. Doesn’t mean it isn’t happening though.

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I checked. We are not enrolled in any repricing.

You were close to the target.

See the red circled items. We were opted in to this CAP program. WM was matching our prices on Amazon to other sellers.

Yep, that’s what I was enrolled in too…sorry, I googled the name and got the wrong terminology. Glad ya got it fixed:)


You earned your stripes on this one.

Made my day so much better.

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It’s just me returning the favor for you helping me over the phone 5 or 6 years ago when Amazon kept jamming us about prohibited items (that weren’t actually prohibited) :slight_smile: