Walmart Pro-Seller Badge At Risk.... If you are purely WFS - check it out....

Well this is a new one… Walmart threating to take our Pro Seller Badge away because we don’t have Weekend Delivery set up.

Pretty effed up considering we are 100% WFS. I just enabled weekend delivery to make sure we don’t lose our pro seller status. This is new so I suggest any purely WFS Walmart seller do the same… It means nothing because we are WFS but apparently Walmart is as broken as Amazon is with stuff like this.

It means nothing because we are WFS but apparently Walmart is as broken as Amazon is with stuff like this.

I don’t think it’s them being broken, I think that the Pro Seller’s Badge requirements recently changed. I know I read an announcement (email? page banner? can’t recall) that said they were changing them.

Also, Walmart can’t know that you are - and always intend to be - 100% WFS. Just change the setting and don’t make such a fuss. :wink:

There’s always a new fishing hole to plumb…and Walmart, following Amazon’s example as it has since the purchase of Jet, knows it works.

You know making a fuss is my specialty. :laughing:

I don’t remember getting an email or seeing anything about this.

They have to know that we currently have exactly zero FBM listings active. If they don’t know that, that’s pretty sad.

Fuss over… lol

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I don’t remember getting an email or seeing anything about this

I can’t remember where I saw it, because I ignore the messages if they’re on the site, and delete them if they come by email. But I remember it because one of the criteria was that you had to have 1-day handling set on ALL of your inventory, which I don’t really want to do, so…

Do they have someplace where all of these past ‘announcements’ are stored? I don’t know. I just want to do my own thing, and not be pestered by sites attempts to ‘help’ me.


Google says…


I don’t think so. Pretty lame…

Same, and I want the thing that manages my thing to have some level of basic intelligence and not take my badge away without even telling me about it. How hard would it be for Walmart to send an email telling sellers that they are at risk and why?

I stumbled on this when I was taking a screenshot for another thread on here.

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Oh, look at that. I didn’t delete it after all. Just read it and ignored it.


If you don’t mind… What was the date on this?

I have exactly 317K emails. I delete nothing and nearing my space limit on multiple Gmail accounts… :roll_eyes:

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July 19, it’s in the screenprint.

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Damnit… I need stronger glasses. Sorry!

Didn’t get a single email from Walmart on the 19th. Checked “All Mail” and “Spam”.

Well at least the mystery is solved. Something tells me they didn’t send that email to WFS sellers yet will yank the badge anyway.


Thanks for your help!

Try searching your email for ‘Walmart Marketplace’, that’s the name the email came from. Maybe, if you’re a WFS seller, they don’t send you the messages made for the rest of us?

On Walmart, like Amazon, you can do a mix of self-fulfilling and letting them handle it, if you choose, right? In that case, they should be sending those announcements to everyone.


I agree with all, and I searched.

The inbox that handles Walmart actually doesn’t have a single email for 7-19 which is really unusual. Not even a verification code which means I didn’t sign on the whole day. The 19th was a Wed so I find that really hard to believe.

I suspect a Gmail issue…

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