Water Beads are dangerous in 9 days.

This can be deleted bc I’m not going to follow the suggested protocol for posting this. Going to sleep but just stumbled upon this.

What I find funny / sad / sick is these are safe until the 22nd (you know, a few days before Xmas.)

Amazon doesn’t want to miss out on the holiday rush money for dangerous toys.

I remember my daughter having Orbeez (I think these are the same) when she was little - she’s 18 now. So they certainly waited a long time to ban them.



“There will be no more children-killing allowed! (after 12/22)”

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Ummm … not banning the item … just banning the marketing of the item to children …

The item will still be on Amazon.


Agreed. Reading all the words makes a difference. I came to the same conclusion as ASV, until I read it again slower and this time included “association with children”, “refer to children”, “children with the product”…

Good clarification @Lost_My_Marbles.

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I’m sure that the Amazon legal beagles get paid big bucks to write all those notices in legalese. It’s so much easier to just make a clear statement – NO MARKETING to anyone under 18 (or pick your age when you don’t think someone would put them in their mouths).

Actually, it would make a great TikTok challenge – “how many can you put in your mouth until you can’t breathe”.

I’m a big fan of the Darwin Awards for anyone old enough to know better…

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What adult would buy water beads for an adult or themselves???

Come on now…

It’s a children’s toy and quite frankly, I don’t find them dangerous. I understand how they could be dangerous but parents are supposed to parent…

We had millions of those beads in this house when my kids were younger and I’m willing to bet we still have them somewhere (whatever is left).

My daughter is about to turn 19 and my son is 15. Everyone has been marked “Safe” from water beads, AKA Orbeez…

The timing of the “ban” still makes me mad. Either something is dangerous or it’s not. That should not be dependent on the calendar.

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Not sure how you are not seeing the difference between a “ban” and “listing requirements”.
Telling sellers not to market something as a children’s toy is not a “ban”. Regardless of how you parent, Amazon does not want to be subject to litigation for stuff like this…

and if they are as harmless as you assert, then why …“the company that manufactured the product issued a recall of the kits last week.”

I suspect that it’s merely a time frame from yesterday, to get all the child-related claims cleared. And it’s not just Amazon, but also Walmart, Etsy, Alibaba, and Target.


Beat you by like .01 seconds.

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Yeah but I had TWO links

quality>quantity ROFLOL :rofl: :rofl:

So it’s “game on” for you and @VTR ?

I can see a flood of posts and furious typing in the future…:grin::grin::grin:

No, as I cannot win a battle of penmanship. I choose battles of quick witted humor and not deep intellectual discourse.

Not so sure that this is true, personally, but I am sure of this:

Even when ya can win, you still cannot win for losing, because the Great Rule Of All Things would be in play =

"Man smart.

Woman Smarter."


Agree totally, every time I slap a “this is not a toy do not put it in cribs you moron” label on my FBA item baggie with a mere 5" opening.

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