"We are reviewing your inventory for ASIN B099XXXXXX due to an influx of negative customer return comments"

“We are reviewing your inventory for ASIN B09XXXXXX due to an influx of negative customer return comments”

Oh really??? Please tell me more…

No negative reviews in 90+ days. 3 refunds out of 900+ orders for fulfillment issues of lost/damaged in the same 90 days.

Sigh. Amazon… Sigh.

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Go to Manage Returns>> FBA Returns >> check the comments people type as they are returning that ASIN, something new called “Return Insights” maybe it will be a clue as to what triggered this

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Ya, thats why I don’t believe them…because we don’t have any returns. Only refunds for damaged/lost shipments.


Must be some form of new math be used that none of us have been privileged to learn yet …

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Nope, had my 11 year old check with the new common core math, and he says “Duh dad… it’s still zero if you divide by zero” then eye rolled me and walked away.

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If you also sell FBA, click “View FBA Returns”

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Ya I went there too. All fulfillment issues, as the item is not returnable for hazmat. We know this because customers reach out when they don’t get their order or it is damaged because the automated system prevents them from using the normal refund process for hazmat.


I think 0.7% return rate is pretty good performance.

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Yeah Thats a pretty good return rate tbh

Ok, well, get ready to make something up and pretend to fix it in order to please the curious mind of the Amazon bot you are dealing with

Good luck!

We will dust off our “undersea hermetically sealed testing lab that uses high tech defibriliating gonkilator shaft technology to test each product” we used a few years ago with a similar message.

This seems very close to the situation I complained about where I had to send in an appeal even though my NCX rate was 0.86%

It took 6 tries and no way to simply brush it off because I was sacrastically and mockingly accepting fault on appeals 1-4

But in this case WTF do you do for “Unknown” reason? I would prefer defective as I can make up stuff about testing and make stupid assertions, but for unknown I can’t tailor my BS to match their BS.

It is not suspended, just under review…
“At this point your offer is not suspended, however, we are reviewing your inventory based on the negative customer return comments.”

As long as no appeal required nothing, but they’re essentially threatening you by reviewing your inventory so expect the unexpected or hopefully its just a bot error.

In case, you do get an appeal with threat of suspension within x days, I would be sarcastic at first and use screenshots to say we understand that amazon requires the NCX rate to be under 1% and maybe 0% is a bit too low…

:slight_smile: I mean you’d have a week so you could get creative and see if a bot reviews it or a human does.

Don’t worry about this. I’ve had it happen a couple times a year and it’s cleared in a couple days.


It’s a bunch of horse ■■■■, much like the rest of Amazon.

For those following along at home with my major issue. Escalated essentially to Jesus Christ himself. No action.