To follow up @selg - which Manhattan? There are eight other cities/towns named “Manhattan” in the U.S. besides the one in NYC. :upside_down_face:


Well, technically, the Manhattan to which I’m referring (and where I believe Selg is based), is NOT a city. It’s a borough, and an island (which are not identical; some of the borough is not on Manhattan Island).

And I think I’ve mentioned more than a few times that I’m in northern NJ, so since storms usually move roughly west to east, the part of NYC is probably a good guess.

But points for pedantry. :wink:


No, you are not weird. I’m getting old now and everything is too cold for me that used to be nice and refreshing. I used to like my bedroom as cold as a walk-in refrigerator when sleeping. Not anymore. Not even close.

Edit to add: Currently my office is 74 degrees and the overhead ceiling fan is making me slightly chilly. Even had the heater on my legs earlier today.


:hushed: I can’t even imagine knowing where a heater is, here in what is now officially :hot_face:JULY:hot_face:

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To be fair, it wasn’t very warm today. Major change from a couple weeks ago.


Nisha, I, and Steve live in a horizontal row of places probably all about 20 miles apart, so we share our storms.

I was happy to have missed the predicted hail.




I hope all along the Texas coast are dealing with the storm okay.

I just have to wonder; how many posts will we see on the NSFE over the next week of “Amazon should give me more time because the storm knocked out my power, and I didn’t go on vacation!”?


Or “Amazon should have known!”

We saw them on the OSFE also. It is your business to run, not Amazon’s. You as a business owner always need to do what’s best for you and your business.

Vacation mod3 now and be safe everyone down there!


Yeah. I remember one a few years back; don’t remember the name of the storm, but it was a doozy.
Seller complained that he should be forgiven for not going on vacation, because the storm hit at a different place than forecast. This was in fact true; center of landfall was 20 miles east of the forecast. I blows my mind that anyone can live along the Gulf coast and think that a 20 mile change for a major hurricane hitting is a significant difference, but some people just want to ignore facts and reality.

OTOH, with events like the derecho that hit Iowa a few years ago, there was no expectation of that kind of severe storm until it was starting to form; in those cases, I think it appropriate for Amazon to forgive the metrics hits. Even as it was happening, the weather people had no clue as to how bad it would be (turned out stronger than hurricane winds). Ditto for things like earthquakes.


SharpieGate… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


For our Texas sellers: