Why did this order ONLY have Priority Mail as a choice?

(I ended up using ShipStation and gave Amazon the tracking).

I left the address so you can see it was a verified address because sometimes shipping things are because the address is weird.

These were the shipping options available:

no Ground Advantage…

Here’s my shipping settings:

So WHY wasn’t it available?

What else do I need to look at?

Should I open a case and ask Amazon?

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These issues tend to be more prevalent around mail holidays (i.e. Thursday 11/23.)

Amazon will likely be unable to provide any insight if you open a case.


I will go to my standard response on these —

Amazon is totally incompetent when it comes to estimating delivery times.

This is what they show today for my orders –
Free Economy Shipping

Ship by date: Nov 22, 2023 to Nov 24, 2023

Deliver by date: Nov 29, 2023 to Dec 6, 2023

I don’t use ‘buy shipping’ because I have very few INR issues and want all the costs in one place on my Stamps/Endicia account for all the sites I sell on.

I double checked and Amazon did offer GA for this with an expected delivery of Saturday, 11/25.

Did you double check the dimensions of the package on the site? They are notorious for having bad numbers in there. My item ships in a padded envelope but when I opened ‘buy shipping’ it had UPS and 24x16x5 for dimensions and 7 pounds!


The mod KJ_Amazon on the NSFE has stated that the buy shipping team has extended expected delivery times for the holiday season:


All of our orders have had Ground Advantage available. We would note that Mon 11/20 was getting at best a Sat 11/25 estimated delivery and some Mon 11/27. Our Tue 11/21 orders were getting Mon 11/27.

When you look at it … that means Amazon was giving total transit times of 5 and 7 days for Mon shipments which equals 4 days transit + 1 day Holiday (a 5 day total transit) and 5 days transit + 1 day Holiday + 1 day weekend (a 7 day total transit). These fell inline with USPS estimates.

We have item level 2 day handle time and shipping transit set at 5 to 8 days which gives us a 7 to 10 window for total shipping estimated shipping time.

If you have 1 day handle time and 3 to 5 day shipping transit time, then your total shipping estimated time is 4 to 6 day window.

From what we have seen Amazon give as estimated delivery dates this week, it is possible that your shipping settings were to short to be able to get Ground Advantage as a shipping option.

If you think back to the complaints just before Veterans Day Nov 11 holiday, those who wanted Ground Advantage and/or Media Mail were complaining then also.

Our suggestion would be to use 5 to 8 day shipping time from Oct to mid Jan each year (and/or around other federal holidays … USPS holidays) as we never seem to loose our Ground Advantage shipping with that setting.

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