Well, at least SOMEONE gets Christmas off to spend with the folks...

From the ‘Contact Account Health Support during the holidays’ ¶ of the 22Dec2023 Amazon News Headline Set up account vacation settings over the holidays” (link, Seller Central):

More than a few members of our Seller Community might recall the temporary hiatus in provisioning Buyer Community support via the two-known ‘main’ telephone numbers during the height of the COVID-19 Crisis scare, methinks - but this is the first time I can recall Amazon mentioning that its 2019-deployed AHT (“Account Health Team”), intended by design solely to assist the Seller Community, was shutting down its wires.

“They” say, in a hoary old adage, that “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”

`Twould appear that too many knuckleheads spoil it, too.


That is fine, we would get more help from Santa, than Seller Support.

Now I have the song, “I saw mommy kissing Santa Clause” running through my head.

This since I am fond of saying, we got tired of contacting Amazon Seller Support. “Every time we kissed the frog, we never got a prince.”


Bets on how quickly the “Where’s the call now button???” post happens on these dates?


This is new, but we know they were off previously (just like the mods).

I remember discussions with Susan years back about the slow responses from seller-performance@ where she mentioned them being out for the holidays and how vacations mostly hit in the first part of the year.

That latter part always confused me. I would expect them to be in Summer.