Well done to SAS members providing invaluable support!


Forum members,

I want to report the happy news of reactivation and offer a message of gratitude to the many forum members who assisted me:

It has been nearly 8 months since my seller account was de-activated for dropshipping and code of conduct violations. I had not performed due diligence and essentially outsourced every aspect of my seller account to a VA that proved to be disreputable. As of today I have been re-activated and my funds released.

It required taking responsibility for my actions/inactions with trusting outside agents with managing my seller account. I had to fire the VA, and develop my own Plan of Action appeals. I submitted 4 Plans of Action and must have called Amazon Seller Support at least 30 times looking for guidance. The seller support staff was excellent and extremely patient as they quite literally allowed me to go line by line with them to help vet my POA drafts.

One word to anyone who is considering a virtual assistant/contractor to manage every aspect of your account…don’t. This especially true with companies that market their services as “done for you”, or “all-inclusive”. Nobody cares for your seller account more than you do.

This was a humbling experience, I’m grateful to have been given a second chance. My sincere appreciation to members of this forum thread (with special thanks to “Medic”, “The Sawle Mill”, and “Maintak”) who offered substantiative and helpful guidance.


Sam R.

Soaring Eagle LLC


I was thrilled to read your post on the NSFE!!

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Just want to make sure that @Medic @SawleMill and @maintak all saw this part :bouquet: