What are your thoughts about Amazon's drone program?

I think this thing’s going to be a massive flop, as far as flying drones go.

Physics just doesn’t support drone deliveries being economical. A fairly large drone, that weighs say 100 lbs, can carry a 5 lb payload. A small ground vehicle that weighs 100 lbs, could likely carry a 100 lb payload. Having an object stay in the air uses immensely more electricity or fuel than something that’s on wheels on the ground. Not to mention these drones crashing are fairly hazardous to people below.

I do see a future where there’s automated delivery bots, such as this:

But more advanced where it can automatically drop off the packages. But as far as drones buzzing around in the air making deliveries, I don’t think that’s happening on any large scale.

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That moment when a drone speaks to you in a Terminator voice and says …

“I’ll be back.”

Well, those 3 things all have a practical purpose. Delivering by air when ground is 20X more efficient just doesn’t make any sense. We can have automated robots rolling around, why do they need to fly?