What do you all do in situations like this? "package returning to seller"

What is the proper thing to do in these situations? I seem to be getting these lately.

Buyer orders. I ship the item on time using amazons buy shipping.
For whatever reason, the package is marked as returning to seller. Reasons for this include, buyer gave bad address, (no such #, address unknown, mail forwarding expired, etc)

I usually tell them to open the a-z claim because I did buy the shipping from amazon and shipped on time, but I know the result is always the same. They debit it from my account but do NOT count it against ODR. (the reason is always, since package is being returned, we debited your account but did not count it against your odr)

So now I’m just wondering what the point is in telling them to open the a-z since I know it’s coming out of my funds anyway…

I don’t know if it’s relevant or not, but all my items are personalized and custom, so I can’t resell these items when they are returned, they just go in the trash because of this. Do I just continually eat these? Can I atleast refund the purchase - shipping cost I charged them? Just not sure what the proper etiquette is. Even if I did refund purchase price but withheld the shipping, the buyer can still probably contact amazon and I lose anyway…

What do you do?

I always waited until the package was returned and then issued a refund (minus charged outbound shipping) but if they are contacting you before the item is returned your in a slightly different situation


I encourage the A-to-z for INR, to keep it documented with Amazon. Maybe next time Amazon flags the address, requires sig con, cancels the sale until address is confirmed, etc.

If shipping is a goodly amount, then do what @Pepper_Thine_Angus recommended because it’s the only way to recoup.

You could also contact the carrier to try to troubleshoot delivery. Again, it might not help you, but maybe the next Seller.

As far as preventing these… I’m drawing a holiday blank. :woozy_face:

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