What happens if you accept a policy violation vs appeal?

Got hit with an incorrect policy violation. Appeal isn’t working. What happens if I accept, will my listings get deactivated?

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Possibly so, depending upon which particular classification Amazon chose among the 9 categories currently used for the “Policy Compliance” section of your Account Health Dashboard (link) - and/or whether or not there is an additional notification appearing, under the “Manage your Compliance” section (which can typically be found directly on the MYC Dashboard itself, @ https: //sellercentral.amazon.com/spx/myc/dashboard, even if there is no such notification appearing on the AHC Dashboard).


What’s the violation?
Some violations if you say yes then delete the item from your inventory.
The violation may go away immediately, else it drops off in 180 days.

If the violation is an “item” type, then most likely just that item will be removed, not all your items.

Is your account health rating still over 200?

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It was a customer review policy violation. I appealed it successfully but they made 15,000 units of my product unsellable and therefore I had to remove it.

Avoided deactivation and the violation is gone.


I can’t imagine if you appealed it successfully why you had to remove the units.

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I’m not sure either. These units have been unsellable for 3 weeks now, even before I got the performance notification. Escalation team couldn’t tell me whether the notification was linked to these unsellable units. Seems like I exhausted all options so I ended up removing them.

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