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My wife and I just finished a full rewatch of Last Man on Earth, by Will Forte. It only got 4 seasons on Fox before being canceled (as they do with anything good), but is incredibly funny and weird. I highly recommend it if you want something off beat about the end of the world but with heart. Warning: Will Forte is the best and worst thing about the show; you have to deal with an extreme level of annoying/dad jokes to get the real gold, but it’s worth it.


We’ve been watching that with keen interest ourselves; I find it poignant, but chilling to the core.



I first encountered Toby Jones in an episode of Doctor Who. He played a character called the Dream Lord. It was one of the scariest, most haunting, episodes from the Doctor Who franchise.

And his appearance in The Hunger Games was just as sinister.

I haven’t watched “Mr Bates vs the Post Office” because I feared it would be a repeat performance as the bad guy. Maybe I’m wrong???

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You will be relieved to know that Toby Jones is the good guy in this series.


He’s also a “good guy” in The Detectorists.

Whether or not you would enjoy him in that series all depends on how much you like rather dry and really quirky British humour.


Just started watching “The Acolyte”, the new Star Wars series.

We finished ep 2 tonight; so far, we’re both loving it. Really draws you in well. And since it’s set 100 years before the prequels, I don’t think there is any back story you need to know before watching. Definitely recommend (despite the reviews). Of course, that could all change after another episode or two…


Just finished “The Veil” on Hulu. Thoroughly enjoyed Elisabeth Moss in this mini series


A funny thing about watching The Acolyte.

I watch everything through streaming, and have for years. It’s been so long since I’ve watched live TV, or even anything current, that it caught me completely off-guard to find that I have to wait a week for the next episode!


Bridgerton Season 3: Part 2 is out today :person_in_tuxedo:


As soon as we finish last season of Black Sails …

When we like it ...

We burned through 35 of 40 episodes in about 11 days on this one … kept us engaged …


The only sport that Nisha and I follow with any regularity is beach volleyball. I was watching replays from the latest World Tour event, which was in Ostrava, Czechia.

The games go all over the world, but there is consistency in some of the announcements and crowd responses; for a big spike, the loudspeakers will play (in English, regardless of where they’re playing) “Here comes the BOOM! Here comes the BOOM! Here comes the BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!!!”
There are often graphics played on the boards surrounding the stadium.

So I now know that in Czech, the word we spell “Boom” is spelled “BUM”.

I still have enough immaturity left to find “Here comes the BUM! BUM! BUM!” rather amusing. :wink: