What is a 'Big Book' in Amazon jargon?

I have a moral quandry.

Recently, Amazon has been unlisting many of my books. If I want to get them to show up for sale again, I have to go through a handful of fields such as publisher, format, edition, publication date, etc, and enter something.

The publisher is easy enough. The PDP lists that. For edition, I chose ‘standard edition’. Date is easy too. But format is a choice from a drop down menu, and none of the menu entries are correct.
I can call it a coloring book, or a calendar, or any number of formats that are not even close to being correct. There is no entry for ‘paperback’ or ‘hardcover’. The least dishonest entry that I can choose is ‘Big Book’.

Given a choice between lying to the customers or not listing the book, I choose lying. I’d rather tell the truth with a simple entry of ‘hardcover’, but that is not one of the options. Not selling the book is not really a good long-term option either.

So, I put the cursor on ‘big book’, utter a curse upon Bezos’ flabby black soul, and click it.

Does anyone know what a ‘big book’ is? Am I correct in assuming that it is the least dishonest entry? Or would I do less harm if I just called everything a “Scratch n Sniff”?

I realize that worrying about accuracy in the Amazon Catalog is probably a lost cause, but I have this unyeilding belief that somewhere out there is one customer who still cares about the catalog.

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Where else do you sell? I think that may be where you find “those” customers. I didn’t take my chances with listing those books, I didn’t want to get the darn thing back “not as described.” :smile:


This troubling scenario would seem to smack of the ever-advancing unintended consequences which stem from the disjointedness wrought by the ongoing PT (“Product Types and Attributes”) Initiative/Attribute Harmonization Initiative/Size Normalization Initiative - all three of which are simply different facets of the same millstone `round our necks gem, promulgated by differing teams in Amazon’s well-siloed bureaucratic infrastructure; as the hoary old adage says, too many cooks spoil the broth - which has managed to throw so many monkey-wrenches into so many long-established workflows (there’s a reason for the multiple incidences of the UIEE/Book Loader snafus of recent years).

I `spect most anyone familiar with my Posting History over the years may well have seen me mention, a time or four or more before, that I’d sooner buy a book than sell one - so it cannot be gainsaid that most all of what little I know about your most-admirable trade is what I’ve learned from the posts over the years from veteran booksellers like you, April, Booknut, et. al.

Still, booksellers are my favorite class of 3P Sellers - without y’all’ plying of your trade, Darkness Falls - and I am obligated to pay forward the help I’ve received in any and every way which I can.

Pursuant to that, if you can find your way clear to provide any random sampling of the ISBN/ASINs where you’ve seen this - 5 might do, more might be better - I have to say that I think it’s possible that I might be able to suss out a workaround…


The only time I have heard that term is for classroom big books.

In the never-failing serendipity of bookselling, someone asked if we had any classroom big books.

I had never heard of them. She explained they are picture books – giant format so the teacher can turn the page and read and everyone can easily see the illustrations. A typical size would be around 18 by 14½ inches.

No, we didn’t have any.

I found three the next day when out buying books.

Of course if I had taken her name and number I wouldn’t have found those.

Not sure if the process you are talking about is the same as those Listing Quality Dashboard alerts? Those had a field that had to be filled in, no selection applicable, but it did have a way to say this does not apply here.

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I’d sooner buy a book than sell one…my sentiments also. I had 35,000+/- books listed at one point. One day I went in and delisted every one of them, went to the local recycle center and picked up some gaylords and started filling them and delivering them to the recycle center. I have a few books listed now but they are collectible coin/stamp related only. I will never sell just books again.


It looks like the Listing Quality Dashboard has been deactivated. ( Thanks, April, for the correct phrase. ) I haven’t seen it active in several weeks now.

I think that I may have single-handedly killed it. You can thank me with gift cards or cash ( small bills, please )

Amazon gift cards, bought on eBay? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: