What is the volume (in cubic feet) of YOUR currently lost Amazon FBA goods?

I am a semi-retired physicist, and my Amazon product is a hobby that grew into a profitable biz.

So, I have a theory, even though I am strictly an experimentalist, not a theorist.

My theory is that, like Dr. Who’s Tardis, Amazon warehouses have to be bigger “on the inside” than “on the outside”.

Since May, Amazon has lost 1300 units I shipped them. I package them in cartons of 48, each carton is 15 x 12 x 8, so 0.83 cu ft each, and a total equivalent of 27 cartons, at 22.5 cu ft total. (If stacked, the cartons would be 18 feet high).

Now, none of these items have left an Amazon FC, and we know exactly which FC has what, as the inventory ledger tells us where each lost item was sent, but somehow not accounted for.

At some point, the accumulated mass of lost inventory could create a singularity, and a smallish black hole where an Amazon FC once was. Suddenly, we understand the interest in spacecraft by Bezos, it seems he hopes for wormholes, as NONE of his launches have even left the atmosphere proper.

So, the spacecraft would be launched into the black hole(s) created by this accumulated mass of purportedly “lost” inventory.

Perhaps the stuff simply left outside of conventional means…
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To answer your question from your title - YTD (9 Months and 3 days) - 1.29CF or 100 units on well over 100K units shipped to FBA.

No complaints. Stuff happens. It’s also possible that some of those units weren’t actually shipped. People on our side may make mistakes as well.

It’s not big enough for us to care. Any perceived annual losses are written off on 4-15 every year.

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@packetfire have you seen

I don’t need to pay yet another wannabe parasite - Amazon has reimbursed me for all but one carton, and that one carton is still “being reviewed”. When the seller support message said:
“This concludes our investigation of this matter. Additional appeals related to this claim will not be considered.”
Then I just escalated the issue to the staff who mind the twitter posts, as they seem to be far more responsive than the front-line seller support staff.

:woman_facepalming: I’m so sorry, I forgot how you feel about (whispers) lawyers