What new fresh hell for Brand Registry participants is this, Amazon?

This is the SHC (“Seller Help Content”) page for this latest devotion to use AI, come hell or high water:

Explore Brand Selection (link, Seller Central)

This is the URL of the Seller Central Dashboard, broken for Discourse, where recommendations will appear (n.b. what the likely emphasis on using ‘gaps’ in the URL likely indicates in Amazon’s eyes):

https: //sellercentral.amazon.com/selectiongaps

This is the URL of the (semi-Seller Central) Dashboard, broken for Discourse, where one can choose to opt-out of enrollment in yet another attempt by Amazon to squeeze blood from a turnip:

https: //sellercentral.amazon.com/selectiongaps/enrollment

I would venture to suggest, given the available evidence, that it is likely advisable to go ahead and click the “No Thanks. I do not wish to enroll.” ‘button’ on that landing page, and to archive all of the steps that one takes to do so - before, and after confirmation that the SoA Account has been unenrolled from this involuntary program’s default condition - for possible future use in making a case that Amazon’s automated mechanisms failed of promise.

There’s a reason why the confirmation of un-enrollment message was written thusly:

Given what I’ve seen posted in NSFE discussions over the last month in regards to Amazon’s never-ending (and but-rarely effectual, @ least in my book) devotion to substituting AI for reason, methinks it’s time for a bump:



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