What's this???

What’s this email? I can’t find this charge anywhere. What kind of balance are they talking about? I have more than $1000 in reserve.

Greetings from Amazon Services.

We have charged your credit card for $49.26 in an attempt to settle your Amazon seller account balance.

Note that the amount charged to your credit card may be less than the total amount you owe due to a credit limit imposed by your bank. If that is the case, we will continue to charge your card as often as every 24 hours until the remaining balance in your Amazon seller account is paid in full.

You can also use the Make a Payment feature to repay the balance you owe. For more information, see Making a Payment.

You can view your payment activity at any time by logging in to your seller account and going to your Payments Report.

Thank you for selling on Amazon.

Amazon Services

Is there actually a charge on your card?

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Is the email from Amazon? (check header)


Yes. I just now figured it out. It was an invoiced order for more than $600 for an item that is supposedly on its way back via USPS, since it was undeliverable. The customer filed an A-Z and they took it out of the invoice account, so I’m negative there and they did not pull it out of the reserve.

That package has been missing since October 2 (last scanned). I filed a claim with the post office and still haven’t heard back.


ok, makes sense. I would have done what you did, what the???

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Well that’s not ideal. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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