What's Wrong with Etsy?

So why does this happen nearly every Holiday?

An open letter to Etsy, on the Sellers Ask Sellers Forum.

I am particularly angered with you Etsy on this holiday.

The bell rang out this morning on our Town Common by the Soldiers Monument. Hand struck once for each war and conflict where we have lost those that paid the ultimate price.

That price was to never come home, or to come home draped in a flag. They gave their life to provide us enduring freedom.

By state law this is one of the few days that it is mandatory that the schools close. In our small town, thousands join in a parade, that stops at the town common. They then continue in silence to a graveyard along the Mammoth Road that was once the stagecoach route from Boston to Concord, New Hampshire.

Why does Etsy, demand that we ship today, a postal holiday, a UPS holiday? If they do not care about the fact that we can not ship, then why do they demand it?

The community then returns to the Common, for the ringing of the bell and talks from warriors old and new. Retired and active, all with community members looking and listening. Twenty, sometimes thirty or more rows deep, young, old, veterans once spat upon as they returned from a far off land. Children all with a flag to memorilaze and remember this day.

Thinking, remembering and praying for those that have been lost and families that lost someone in war.

Now Etsy, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the opportunity to sell on your channel. This particular order, that I must ship today, Memorial Day, was a lot of fun to work on.

It is one of our NICU, (Neonatal care unit) memory boards. A unit with over 100 beds, worked with us for a handful sturdy handcrafted boards to celebrate new life. Important and heartwarming work for the entire team here.

They don’t expect them to ship today, so why do you?

On Memorial Day, we honor and remember the brave men and woman who gave their lives in service to our country.

Etsy, take the time to remember and know, their sacrifice will never be forgotten.


And yet every single person on E will defend their policy of putting this burden on the seller to change our shipping settings every time there’s a holiday, because they can’t possible do it for the world.


Much love to you.

This order, after a full 5 days of negotiation (a very cold word) let me rephrase that, 5 days of careful intimate communication, we came to an agreement.

I personally set up a discount for them, that was appropriate. It was late in the day on Thursday last week, they ordered.

Off on a mission for another customer, a close friend after 30 years, I got a message. “Ship this by Monday (Memorial Day) or you will have retribution pour upon you.” Ok, that was not what it said, but that is what it felt like.

The order came through, Two days puts it at Monday, Memorial Day shipment is required. No one can ship on memorial day.

I will just never understand when the Etsy forums became a bunch of stepford wives. I can see, no, you can’t code for everywhere. But to pretend the US isn’t at least 75% of their sales is silly. 80/20- rule works in any business.


I helped there years ago, it was a waste of time. As is complaining about this issue. Thus my open letter to Etsy, in this forum.

If I were a product manager, I would be looking to places like this to see what I am doing wrong and what I am doing right.

And here I didn’t even THINK to change the shipping or look this morning. Ooops.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve offered anything on Etsy, but it was never a venue I worried about penalties for breaking rules on. Not that I broke a lot of rules but never ever saw any negative results when I did.

Got to admit, Ebay is unlikely to catch a late shipment and flag it for me either.

We did this morning, I have cramps writing a term used for the Amazon Customer…

We are delighting the Amazon Etsy Customer by changing our handling time to 3 days, rather than two days on all products.

The only reason, they can not hire a programmer that can see and understand US holidays. You Etsy, are the sales channel, the available shipping days are your responsibility!

We just have a few products that need “gassing out time” and that is a two day process. No problem unless we need to ship on a day the transportation system is shut down.

The only issue that comes into play, is “Star Seller” something that may have been added since you left. I don’t think it helps much anyways, I think we have lost it a few times.

I am more irritated by the ignorance and ignoring the holiday yesterday. I am sure if it was XYZ feel good day*, it would not have been an issue, they would have closed down shipping.

I am just as irritated by our schools that put up “Happy Memorial Day” or “Have a great long holiday weekend” on the changeable signs in front of the schools. And yes, I do let them know how I feel.

*“XYZ feel good day” details left out to avoid political conversations in the SAS forum.


And to this point, you can game many if not all of the channels by printing the shipping label one day early. It does keep your metrics at 100%.

They don’t. Not for Thanksgiving, Christmas, you name it. They specifically put the burden on the seller for every holiday. This means changing your settings multiple times a year, or going with a longer ship time all the time.

I understand your feelings about ignoring Memorial Day. But cut ETSY some slack, its tough to afford good programming talent in Brooklyn :rofl: :rofl:

I know some gallery owner’s who have trouble dealing with the days of the week, so the calendar is way beyond them. Maybe we should think of Etsy as a gallery.

I have recently learned that there is no correlation between whether I am Top Ranked on Ebay and my sales.

I never did figure out what portion of my inventory had appeal to the Etsy buyer, it might be none. My listings were favorited and included in buyer’s image collections, but rarely purchased. More likely to end up on Pinterest than the same items when offered on other sites. But we all know that what I sell is strange.

Agree, even I have that issue. Working 7 days a week, my week is based on “Trash Day” Tuesday is trash day. Except this week, it was moved to Wednesday, due to the holiday.

Now I am all messed up.


Same for us. On eBay we have missed our same day handling time a few times and they never do anything but send us a warning. Etsy I don’t even worry about.