Where can I find the tracking number on a return?

Previously I clicked on something on the Manage Returns page and it got me the tracking number to confirm where we stood on the return (or not). Now this is posted at the top of the page, and I have clicked every clickable item, nothing will get me that number.
Thanks for the “help” Amazon. :unamused:

We have transitioned the Manage Returns page to a globalized experience, allowing you to easily manage your returns across multiple stores.


May I ask if the same ineffectuality is found if you change the ‘first’ of the various ‘filters’ from Order ID to ASIN?

On a related note, may I ask if the ‘third’ ‘filter’ shows the same no matter what Date Range is selected?

Okay, my bad. It must be quittin’ time, the brain has shut down. There IS one more clickable (I swear it wasn’t there before :laughing:) that has More Information. Thanks anyways!


Hey admins, feel free to delete this thread. I do dislike clutter. Sorry about that.


To be fair, you could well be right that it WASN’T there the last time you looked @ the Manage Returns Dashboard.

You know Amazon - there’s always someone tinkering around behind your back.

Which is one of the primary reasons why I greatly prefer Reports (via API or otherwise) to the ever-fluid state of discombobulation which has for so many years plagued the Dashboard GUIs…


Are you sure? It might be helpful for someone else in the future. We ALL get brain hiccups! And maybe it wasn’t there before… :wink:

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Thanks Papy. Doesn’t really matter, I just felt silly finding the darn thing about two minutes after posting the question. Brain hiccups (along with misery) do enjoy company. :crazy_face: