Where's my stuff? Customer Service for UPS Access Points

I just fielded this customer inquiry;

I have not received my product. I have ordered this before with no problems. The status has said “out for delivery” for at least 5 days now. Do you know why I am not receiving the package?

I fired off this response;

UPS indicates that on March 6th an attempt to deliver was unsuccessful.

Your order was taken to the UPS Access Point™ at

Where it maybe picked between 9:00AM and 8:00PM. No reason was provided to us for the shipment not being left unattended at your address. For additional details you should contact UPS directly at (888) 742-5877. If your order is not picked up from the UPS Access Point™ by today, March 14th, it will be returned. Upon return to our facilities we would authorize Amazon to issue you a full refund. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. We encourage you to reach out to UPS and resolve any issues so unattended deliveries may be left at your chosen shipping address.

Now I’m wondering if that is the best response and why and how frequently does UPS use UPS Access Points? Personally, I’d be chewing my UPS Account rep if a package wasn’t delivered and was sitting miles away at some random “Access Point”, instead of my provided shipping address.

If it matters the package was shipped using WorldShip, not Amazon buy shipping. I realize that this is on me 100%.

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Each UPS driver gets to decide whether to leave a delivery unattended.

The driver used to be charged for packages left and stolen, I do not know if that is still the case.

I suspect your UPS rep would serve no purpose other than providing a target for your unhappiness.

The problem could be your buyer, his history, the UPS driver and his history. Unlike many other issues, this is probably 100% human.

With all the complaints of porch piracy, publicized by the press, and promoted on the Internet, this is going to be more common every day.

IMO your response is as good as any, and mostly irrelevant.


I rarely use UPS, and have never had this problem, but I think your response is perfect.


I think it was excellent.

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I’ve never had anyone tell me that there package wasn’t delivered and tracking show it is being held at a UPS Access Point (in this case a CVS). I’ve got a call into my UPS rep, if he gets back to me, I’ll update if he has anything worth repeating.

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The status has said “out for delivery” for at least 5 days now. Do you know why I am not receiving the package?

I wonder if this isn’t a case of the customer only looking at the tracking on Amazon, and not knowing/caring/bothering to check UPS directly?

Because you indicate the tracking on the UPS website does not still say ‘out for delivery’, as the customer claims to see. It shows attempted delivery plus follow-up information, which it sounds like the customer isn’t aware of.

Just a thought…

I know many Amazon customers don’t understand how things work, and rely on Amazon to give them the information they need… which as we all know, Amazon often fails to do. :roll_eyes:


You are probably correct. Amazon’s bots have a long way to go in the customer service department…


Amazon’s bots have a long way to go in the customer service department…

That’s what we’re here for. :grin: I’ve told several customers in similar situations - don’t rely on what Amazon says, they don’t always know what they’re talking about. For trusted and reliable tracking information, go directly to the carrier’s website. (Or, more generally, for trusted and reliable anything, don’t count on Amazon).

Hopefully your customer is able to either pick up their package, or arrange redelivery before it gets sent back.


Access Points take the heat off of the driver and is used in lieu of the Hey We Missed You stickers. They primarily use Access Points if you did not go into your MyChoice account (which is a delivery preferences and “logged in” view of your deliveries to your address) and tell it to not use Access Points.

The problem is that most people don’t know they can opt out of using Access Points. I had a “missed delivery” that went to an access point 10 miles from my house. The depot was closer so I told them to hold it there instead, even though it was rediculous that I even had to do that.


Here that’s at least an hour round trip :flushed:

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