Who wants to break the bad news

Long story short I had trusted managers to earn me some extra income and that store didn’t work out for obvious reasons. Through the trials and tribulations that store is now abandoned and deactivated. Since then, I started my own brand, Ox and Barn and have a trademark. My new store is now deactivated because of my past with another entity.

Amazon says I have to reinstate the old store to reinstate this sparkling awesome flawless store. But, I do not want to reinstate that store because that business is no longer active and the managers that were working on there (no contract) were drop shipping on it.

How do I go about this to reinstate my brand.

Posts like these make me miss the ability to follow a post on the old forum :popcorn:


sparkling awesome flawless store.

Points for confidence, I guess? :thinking: :laughing: :upside_down_face:


Forgot to include the link:https://sellercentral.amazon.com/seller-forums/discussions/t/7a6e7f72-cffc-4043-86e6-2ff112208c4c


probably the core issue with many forum participants. everyone is stuck in their axiomatic framework of self-centeredness and amazon cgloaff

Thank you for posting the text file from the NSFE, I appreciate that.

I refuse to onboard, and do see some posts through seller central with Chrome Incognito. Still I miss a lot.

“Trusted Managers” I think they have a name for that…


and amazon cgloaff


could give less of a flying fuq :slight_smile:

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Trusted managers, aka va. But you trusted them, and clearly still do, so amazon does not trust you.


They do, and it’s rather sibilant.

Scurrilous scoundrels.


I stepped in. :wink:

If I notice anything fun, I’ll try to remember to report back. But the NSFE is so terrible, that I suspect I miss half the replies made to me.

Only thing you can do is to monitor the Notification tab (if you have it set to receive the notifications).

FYI … only 8 views at this point so the odds of getting a reply is slim … but at least someone gave you a thumbs up :wink:


This one was hilarious… All you shills out there shilling.


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I had an encounter a month or two ago with a random-number poster (possibly same guy) who had a similar argument, that if you can’t cite the statute by number, then it’s not against the law/policy.

I don’t know the number on the statute, but I’m pretty sure that murder is illegal in my state; but his logic would suggest otherwise.

(I’ve also known a person who tended to argue with the cops; he spent more than one night in a cell, despite being “right” (at least in his mind)).

Ya, for those kind of people I throw the burden of proof back on them and point out that if the inverse was true, they would quote the policy stating they can do it and why they are having the problem in the first place.


Well, if you’ve gotta call me out in front of the whole crowd in this fashion, please do me the courtesy of using my ‘monicur’…


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I need glasses as only one would make it hard for me to identify you…

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Twasn’t you I was thinking of; but, “if the shoe fits…”


(do you remember a really tall guy named “Ripley”?)

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I concede.

VERY well-played!

Believe it or not, I seem to have some recollection of that moniker being bandied about in certain circles…


The jerk ( GreatDeals1st) has now inserted his message into a thread about being suspended for RA (Trader Joe’s).


“AGAIN IT IS NOT POLICY… Ill keep correcting all the misinformation until people start giving CORRECT information”

That’s just so helpful.