Windows 11, go or no go?

For the love of god. Do not upgrade to windows 11. You have been warned.


Agree. It sucks. I have it on my newer machine and it’s just annoying. With almost each upgrade, it’s gotten less intuitive. Amazon and Microsoft have a lot in common.

I keep refusing the auto update on this laptop now that I’ve seen the other side…

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My computer won’t upgrade unless I enable TPM 2.0 which I haven’t done. I might have to consider it at some point but much like Windows 7, I have trouble seeing the newer as better.

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You don’t love having to click three times to rename an ffin file?

Also, for those that were duped into accepting it, you CAN left align your taskbar now.


My surface pro is on 11, it’s OK.

My main desktop is firmly on 10 and will stay there


Yet they force you and walk you into a corner. We have a server that keeps trying to update.

It is connected to $75K worth of equipment that the $25K software may or may not keep running after an upgrade.

The OWE (Old Windows Experience) works just fine for me, no need for NWE.


I uhh… I upgraded all my PCs to Windows 11 and I don’t really notice that big of a difference.


I always skip one…or two…really I skip them until buying a new computer FORCES me to upgrade…hated win10, hate change…but have since adjusted. only took a year or so, I can now find the most basic commands…:slight_smile:

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Well, color me envious. To be fair I have not really liked any changes since I was born and raised on XP.

But the GUI changes, taskbar, hiding more advanced options that now have to be unraveled. Coming from a comp sci major / go-to IT at work, I just find it annoying to work with.


Oof. I feel old, and compared to some in here I’m a whippersnapper.


NT4 was rock stable. Just Sayin


See, that’s the thing - I don’t use the new features much. I just type whatever I want into the not-Siri and it brings it up.

I also don’t use any of the new settings crap if I can help it - I use the old school control panel by typing control panel and going to the windows XP one.

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To be fair I have not really liked any changes since I was born and raised on XP.

Wasn’t XP the latest and greatest new thing after Windows 98? :laughing:

I vaguely remember having Windows when it was just Windows (no letters or numbers).

My laptop that just died had Windows 8 and I remember being totally confused. The “main” screen showed me a bunch of big, colorful tiles, and I was like WTF am I supposed to do with this? Where’s the start button (that used to read START, not ‘Windows logo’… where are the desktop shortcuts?)

When someone finally showed me the thing to click to get to the desktop, I never used any of the other stuff.

My new computer (a mere few weeks old) has Windows 11 and when it booted up, I was immediately presented with a desktop (hooray!), no stupid big tiles with names like ‘Go Shopping’ ‘Play Games’ and other worthless ■■■■. So I’ve got no complaints about 11. :laughing:

The thing that stumped me for a while was how to get shortcuts to my office programs. I installed it, but then couldn’t find it. My old school knowledge (Start…Run…MSWord…) didn’t do squat.

Got things working now though. :+1:

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That would be Windows ME, which was atrocious.
Windows 3.1.1 FTW.


That would be Windows ME, which was atrocious.

Holy crap, I’d forgotten all about that! :rofl: :rofl:

Windows 3.1.1 FTW.


I’m sure the youngsters will think we’re speaking a foreign language. :wink:

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3.1x was my first version of Windows, which I had as a kid in 1992. My parents were really big on making sure we learned everything about computers - they were the future, after all.


3.1 awesome
95 horrible
98 awesome
Me horrible
NT (in Spanish No Trabaja)
XP the best
Vista :face_vomiting:


I currently have 10 and it’s fine.
Just let me use office and chrome in peace.


98 was the best.


DOS has a special place in my heart. That was the one I used as a very young kid to play
Prince of Persia

When 3.1 came out we could play minesweeper, tic tac toe, solitaire, etc. What a revolution!
I remember the little file cabinet instead of folders (adminstrador de archivos don’t know how it was called in the OG language!)

When 95 came out, we got the bunch of diskettes. Like 30 to installs the OS. :joy: my poor dad spent the whole night going :floppy_disk: after :floppy_disk:

But we had the compute with 3.1 in the house and my grandma had the computer with 95 Those weekend trips were the event. We would play those new games.

I thought it look so cool, the new interface and had all the games! Of course in 95 I was a whooping 8 year old, so I was not very versed on how useful the system was.

When 98 came, it looked the same to me. And no new games. It sucked! And the grown ups kept saying “it’s so much better”… I was sure they had no clue what they were saying.


Those floppy disks… LOL. A single picture on an iPhone has a file size 10X what one of those would hold…

I remember my Dad’s first computer with the hard drive having this giant elephant cable attached to it. Probably was 1/4 of a gig if that…