Wish me luck!

Gotta start sometime and somewhere…

Day one of training for my two daughters to starting learning all that I do.

I just sent off instructions to them to update eBay. Figured that was the easiest and where the least amount of damage could happen on the four platforms.

Both of them work full time job, so the middle daughter won’t really be able to do this while at work, but the oldest’s job runs “hot” and “cold” for months. Her “cold” months are April through Oct 1st…so she’s actually looking for something to do at work. I said “No problem, I’ll keep you busy…”

Day one.


Training family to… well, anything. It’s an adventure.
Good luck.


Since it’s day 1,

I would document all the instructions with screenshot where needed.

At the end they will always have this booklet if they need to refer back for something.


Absolute truth here.

My son-in-law was interested in learning my stuff and I let him help me a few days. It would have been great since they are fairly close and he could work while we took a few days off.

What I did NOT know was that he is ‘slightly’ dyslexic and seems to have some ‘issue’ with reading part numbers on small packages.

The experiment ended when my daughter got a lot more court appointed cases and he had to become her full-time office assistant. At least all the County Public Defender offices do a double check of the billing amounts so $5400 doesn’t become $4500…


Totally agree – time to start writing the book to include screenshots.


@doilyboutique444 this is such a huge move for your business, to train others for either backup or takeover. I know you worked with your mom, and now sadly with her loss, I think it’s very special that your daughters are stepping in.

Please continue to share any tips or insights as you go through this, and hopefully others will do the same!


And today the purchase was completed. I don’t know HOW many times I cried today – felt weird that tears were coming – but it’s done. Tomorrow I get back on the plane and head home to Alabama.



Continued Success!


I’d like to second this, Iris:

May You and Yours Stay Safe - AND Profitable!


We had a financial partner until several months before the pandemic, when we bought him out! Thankfully, one can’t foresee the future!! Though several of our progeny half-heartedly assisted in emergencies, we employed several part-timers.

All changed-and rapidly. One long-time employee died-not from COVID but a chronic disease but the cause didn’t seem to matter. Employees panicked!!.

Only our children, who were all either a thirty-minute drive or within couple hundred miles, were willing to work w/ “dirty used books”-which was vastly unfair to the books. We’d always cleaned them well before listing but, admittedly, dusting might not be a deterrent to COVID A son told me the titles couldn’t be germier than those that packed our shelves as they grew up–he meant it kindly.

The family rallied round. My husband learned to package and went to the P.O. everyday-masked and surgically-gloved-for several years. The kids-and wives or partners- learned the business in a four-day marathon where we spent a lotta time changing 2-day handling time to 4 or 5.Yeah, Now I know we didn’t have to change them manually!!

We kept the germs away by sipping margaritas and eating home-made guacamole and Trader Joe’s chicken liver pate and cheeses. The older grandkids watched the younger.

These days, because we’ve had so many family emergencies lately, we have family members to whom we can turn. None of them want the books on my decease/retirement or the biz! They’re all employed and have families or still in graduate school!! I don’t blame 'em-but gives us oldsters a reason to get up in the morning!!


Congrats Iris! I wish you the best of luck in your new venture.


Good luck Iris!



I know been MIA – or rather MAE … Michael, Amanda, Elisabeth Wholesale. M is also for Mom (me), and Mutti (my mom).

Truck arrived three days early so I was freaking out to get the warehouse ready. And of course my plan didn’t work out because the unloaders moved like lightening. SO, we have a mess to sort through in the Alabama heat of at least 90 degrees in the warehouse. 1000 boxes, 40lbs or more…yea, Aleve and Ibuprofen are my friends right now.

They are sorted into stacks by pattern/style, but now I gotta open them to arrange by size…maybe by Saturday.

On the good side, filled our first order tonight AND both girls are stepping up big time. (Grands and boyfriends helped do the first day of sorting, then the husbands helped on the second day. Even the 5 and 7 year olds worked…they loved it).