Wonky Main Image Thumbnails on Storefront

Over the past month or so, I’ve noticed that some of my main image thumbnails (on my storefront) are zoomed in and crooked. It’s bizarre. To fix, I just have to edit and re-save.

Just wondering if it’s only me or if y’all are seeing it too?

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Yes, I’ve had that also, plus sometimes the photos are just totally blacked out. It happens on my dashboard and when viewing my shop but not necessarily the same issues on each at the same time - very strange. I keep thinking that this is a reported glitch (it has been discussed in the forums) and that Etsy will fix it but it does seem to be dragging on.

I thought about checking the forums but they’re so hard to navigate now! Thank you for confirming that it’s not just me!

I very rarely look at the Etsy forums any more but when I noticed this issue I took a peak at the forums. Like you, I wanted to see if it was just me! I got lucky because it was being discussed on the main forum landing page. I probably wouldn’t have bothered to search for the topic because I also find the forums difficult to navigate.

I noticed it last week, with one recently sold listing. Just like you, I figured out that re-saving worked.

Interesting…editing and re-saving doesn’t seem to work for me. Sometimes an affected listing just mysteriously corrects itself without any help from me.

Supposedly I have a payment coming from etsy tomorrow. Due to Silicon Valley Bank do you think I will get it? It is no big deal if I don’t it is less than $30. Maybe I will list some more on etsy just to see if I can create more sales. I have no problem with images. I do the pure white background and sizing that I do on amazon.

Me too and I’m not concerned about the payment - I think it’ll be fine, or maybe a day or so delayed.

Re images: All of mine are fine, but Etsy has a bug and here and there the main images are blown up and off to the side. It’s weird.

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My payment was sent as usual. Hope yours was sent as well.


Yup…got it no problem…

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