[WUSA9] Amazon takes action against vendor after hundreds of Amazon boxes stack up on Virginia woman's doorstep

Summary, Chinese seller needed to liquidate their stock, so they did vendor return to this random woman’s address.

“WUSA9 followed up with Amazon and asked how often overseas sellers use other people’s addresses to avoid paying Amazon to dispose of old stock. The company did not give us an answer to that question.”

I guess they stopped paying people to accept returns, this was a house in 2021. They said they were paid a yearly fee to accept FBA returns.


I thought removal and disposal were the same price?

How can people live like that???

That I do not know. They were eventually fined and I believe bought a storage container to house the packages. With all the porch pirates I am surprised a van didn’t come in the night and load up.


And then what did they do with all of the stuff? Eventually, the money they made from allowing the use of the address would be spent on buying storage containers?

Has to be even more to that story.

Yeah, they can’t be getting more income then the rental. But then again, we see this every day on Amazon with new sellers, Sell an item at $10, but after costs and fees it cost them $15.

Removal & disposal are the same.

What they needed to do was Liquidate…I thinks that’s cheaper.

Plus you can set it up to automatic:

Liquidate inventory automatically

You can set up automated liquidations removals for your inventory at fulfillment centers. Automated liquidations removals are available for both fulfillable and unfulfillable inventory.


Agreed, but then Lixiao Zhang wouldn’t have been able to harvest a crop of tracking numbers for use in future scammery.

The Chinese Brush has far more nuances than the simplistic definition offered up by the three authors of the linked news article.

ETA: On a side note, one of the most-concerning aspects of the premised situation, @ least to my way of thinking, is the fact that the homeowner in question, purportedly a scientist, has been distributing the unwanted goods w_illy-nilly (default Discourse Filter ‘break’) to the unwary, with apparently nary a thought as to whether the items were removed from the Amazon Global Catalog as a result of this or that regulatory non-compliance…

Let us fervently hope that further woes do not stem from that apparently ill-considered approach.


I would prefer that Amazon offer offfshore sellers an opportunity to have their FBA inventory sent to a nationwide charity in the US.

At least some of their crap might be sold by Goodwill or the Salvation Army to someone who will use it, and it will not go from Amazon FBA to Liquidator to FBA as a lot of Chinese crap does.


And Amazon could get the tax write-off, Win Win!

That possibility already exists, as is explained by the SHC’s FBA Donations program (link).

It does not offer the opportunities that the brushers are looking to exploit.



I know it would be cumbersome, but I’d like to see the homeowners litigate–or their local LEOs prosecute–the now-deactivated Amazon Seller parent entity, such that the entity may never operate a business in the USA again.

This must be some sort of trespassing, fraud, identity theft, etc. A good attorney could find the crime.

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I hear what your saying, but they would just spin up a new company

Well, we shouldn’t leave the doors unlocked, just because the burglar gets a new lock picking tool. :woman_shrugging:

As certain academicians have opined in published studies of brushing techniques over the last 10 years, a proper application of the RICO Act is what’s needed.

Various considerations have prompted the State Department to demur whenever DoJ raises the question.

While Nero fiddles…

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Amazon has systems in place to detect suspicious behavior by sellers, and teams in place to investigate and stop prohibited activity.

Apparently, the ‘system’ is to do nothing and ignore all bad behavior until a TV station gets involved and makes the issue public.

…and we will continue to pursue all measures to protect our store and hold bad actors accountable.

Each time someone from the outside shines a light on what we’re doing and we risk the public realizing what a scum-filled entity we are.



This is all of Amazon, React, not be Pro-Active.


I would be refusing delivery, send those boxes back to Amazon to deal with!


you’d have to be onit

delivery folk just drop that isht off so unless you’re at the door watching you can’t refuse refuse