You Gotta Love Amazon Sellers....

No need for any words in this post. The picture is worth a thousand

I’m with Joe Z. !!!


PS - I AM NOT Joe Z… :rofl:


I know.

There’s only 4,719 Joe Z.'s, and most of `em are me. :grinning:

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Hey, I need a new ignitor for my stove; wonder if it will work? My stove’s not a Frigidaire either, so should be perfect, right? :wink:

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I find the review to be useless.

The listing says it is aftermarket.

I want to know if it fits and works or not be bothered by an unverified review which adds nothing to the listing information.

Sometimes an aftermarket part is all you can get.

Frankly, this listing is clearer and more direct than many listings that meet Amazon’s standards.

I am disagreeable today, aren’t I.


True. But the title indicates that it is not; a violation of Amazon listing policies.

Why should today be any different? :wink:


Because I feel that I am more disagreeable than my usual pussycat demeanor. :rofl: :rofl:

I’m pretty sure at least SOME of that is directly caused by Amazon BOTS and not the seller or sellers.

I’m attaching one of my favorites that the brand has been trying to get fixed for well over a year (or two).

Everly Guitar Picks (yup started by the brothers) is owned by Cleartone but you sure wouldn’t have a clue from some of their listings.

Amazon has linked a “store” that has absolutely NO relationship and at least some of the images on ASINs have been hijacked and no one at Amazon cares.

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This is why chinese sellers have so many accounts, because for stuff like this, it isn’t a problem until it is, and when it is the suspension’s not usually appealable.

It might work. These things are pretty universal but I’d rather not buy some no-name brand that fires up my oven, especially when I being made to believe that it’s the branded part.

Honestly, I miss the good old pilot light. I can’t tell you how many ignitors I’ve changed for myself and family in the last 20 years and they always seem to break when something delish is cooking in the oven…

The aftermarket ones last the same as the originals - 5-7 years max.

You bought a new oven 30 years ago, it would work until and if you remodeled your kitchen. Now they are semi-disposable IMHO.

I had an oven that was maybe only 10 years old and had an issue. I called the company’s service department and they sent a tech over, and they looked up the part that was needed and said that it’s discontinued so they can’t get it (and the broken part was a computer board in an electric oven… not something that easy to get a random 3rd party replacement). And they wanted me to pay for the tech visit, hah! I refused to pay and they said I’d be blacklisted from getting service again. Fine with me, like I’d buy that brand again?

This was Bosch btw, which is a big brand.
They even put this on the notes:
“decline estimate”
I didn’t decline anything, they gave me the estimate and I agreed to it and then they tell me they don’t have any parts, you owe $140 for the visit.

If they don’t have parts for a 10 year old oven, why does the service department even exist?

To top it off, the sellers supply chain is just a valid as their listing.

Thank you Amazon for no minimum standards.

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Unreal… One of the most expensive brands and they don’t make the parts so you need to buy another…

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And they do a great job of customer loyalty by blacklisting people from future service for refusing to pay for services not rendered.

If it wasn’t for that I would’ve likely bought a newer replacement model from them. I decided to get any other brand except them because of their crappy service dept. They could’ve done something like ya know, offer a discount on a new model since they discontinued that one.


My Dad has a Bosch dishwasher. It takes like 3 hours to run. LOL

My Frigidaire dishwasher from 2006, that we use at least once a day, works just as well in 45 mins. We just replaced the same brand refrigerator in April that was the same age.

New side by side unit with ice / water in the door was $1147 and I got a $250 concession on it because the delivery guy smashed it into the brick column on the house when it was delivered, denting the back that can’t be seen after installation… He may have been high - 4-20…

I like the brand. Does what it’s supposed to and it’s cheap…


This is the stuff that makes me want to bang my head on the wall. I see this all day long yet I have to fight with Amazon when an official product gets taken down for IP/Trademark issues. Invoices/LOAs/letterheads/links to the official website still rejected. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Here’s a good one that’s somewhat unrelated to this topic but it’s my thread and I’ll do what I want with it. Just kidding @papy :wink:

Was just lifting some info from Amazon for something else we are doing. I find it quite interesting that Cubiscan measures a round object with a different width / length.

Another fantastic achievement Amazon - You’ve changed the law of physics.