Zebra Printer Annoyance Solved

Suddenly, the Zebra printer started spitting out blank labels between each one it printed, so I had to find the “calibration” screen, hidden in the Zebra driver menus.

Screenshots attached, as a PSA:

Printer Properties…

…then “Preferences”…

…and then “Tools”, and “Calibrate Media” is the one you want


Nice step-by-step Tutorial!

It’s probably merely coincidental, but this exact same subject came up a few weeks back:


More likely that something in printer drivers got stomped upon in a windows update.
You see coincidence, I see unintended consequences of the casual actions of forces larger than ourselves. :wink:

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An excellent point, which has been more than a bit of a bugaboo to the Patching Community form many years.

There’s a reason why I craft our workstation’s wims/.admx files to throttle WUP, and only push them updates internally to our Enterprise Domain after our script kiddies have had a chance to do some validation testing.

Once bitten, twice shy…

If you don’t want to do all of that, just hold down the feed button on the printer until it flashes twice and let go, it will then do the calibration process.

I don’t remember what all the flash combinations are at this point anymore but 4 flashes is for factory defaults reset, 5 times is for label width calibration.


Thank you for the info … and Welcome to SAS!


This ^
Happens every now and then. I was at one point where every 3rd label I had to Recalibrate.