Account at risk oy

I will try to make this short

Get intellectual trademark violation, listing has a name in it that we didn’t add. Have to push to have the corrections made, That case has been open since March

Get a 2nd one for an item that has a complicated licensing issue. The owner has an exclusive arrangement with a distributor. The distributor allows licensing of the trademark. Both of them have tried to contact Amazon as they are locked out of their brand account.

Then get a restricted item for not being EPA compliant (when it is). Waiting on paperwork for that, but pointed them to the manufacturer webpage where it states the item is EPA and even CARB compliant.

This brought my rating from 214 to 198, The frustrating thing is since they started the stupid rating I have never seen my number go up. I started at 220 and have just slowly gone down.

Most of the time, At Risk does not mean anything significant.

When it is meaningful, it simply means that the next similar issue might create a real problem.

IP issues and regulatory issues are typically dealt with as separately. Fortunately, there are not bots which act solely on your rating.

Do what you can to avoid future issues. And breathe deeply.


Avoiding future issues with Amazon is like trying not to drive in the rain. sheesh

I should have added I contacted Account Health support, got the Indian call center which hung up on me after 11 min, 7 min on hold.
I will bet they get paid by the call resolved, and if you disconnect that is resolved.

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If the score of 198 is why your account is “at risk”, this doesn’t actually mean your account is at risk. 200 is just the cutoff to be considered “safe” from deactivation caused by certain issues without Amazon reaching out to try correcting the issues first. Your account still needs something worthy of deactivating it to happen before it’s even an issue.

The number is based on your sales, minus your defects. If your number stalled around 220, and assuming you don’t have many other defects, we can roughly estimate your monthly sales to the nearest 50. To raise your number, you need more sales. Which means that the number is a value of how much business your account does, not how healthy it is, which is why I firmly believe this is a stupid policy to begin with as it protects volume sellers over quality sellers.


I don’t suppose it’s any consolation, but mine has gone down, down, and down over the last few months too. :laughing: It’s all about volume of orders, as I’m sure you realize. As the date range moves forward, new orders from today are added in, and orders from 180 days ago (roughly mid-January) fall off. Since January is typically a busy month, and July is slow, your total order count over the 180-period is likely to fall. Each time it falls by 200 or more, you lose another 4 volume points.

But, as @Lake said -

Most of the time, At Risk does not mean anything significant

As for this -

Get intellectual trademark violation, listing has a name in it that we didn’t add.

I assume you tried editing the listing and removing the offending name? Sometimes these are auto-reinstated as soon as you edit the listing and remove the phase/name the system doesn’t like.


True that. The general health of the economy will affect many sellers despite stellar performance and zero policy violations. This metric is as stupid as VOC.


Holy crap I won.

They took my evidence and actually did not give me a hard time for the new violations. (hard time being form letter after form letter for weeks on end. it was only a few days lol)

I am back up to 210 at least. It just sucks that I keep losing for being accused and it doesn’t go back up for winning.

Now it’s just the once case I am stuck with that is 4 months old and no longer valid.


Sure can you tell Amazon to stop using me as research, contacting the manufacturers and getting deals where they can ignore MAP (but if I do it I get suspended as a dealer).

I used to sell 100 items a day. Now I am lucky to do that in a week or 2

I’d love to.
I’d also love to get them to stop listing items they don’t have at super low prices to lock out other sellers from the listing.
I’d also love to get them to stop giving scammers permission to change the brand name on listings, but blocking legit sellers from changing it back.

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@maintak Amen !

I really wish the government would step in and regulate them. They have become too powerful in the commerce world

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