Account Health Score Dropping for No Reason

Since the beginning of January, our Account Health Score has been dropping steadily. It was 908 and is down to 860 but we have no violations, no chargebacks and all other metrics are perfect. We received one bogus A-Z Claim a week ago but it had been falling before that. The score shot up 100+ points during the Holidays. I don’t know if they’re adjusting it back down slowly or what the deal is. We’ve had steady sales and just the one recent A-Z Claim that we appealed.

Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this. Seller Support replies back with a canned response and is of no help. Thanks in advance for your replies.


The account health score is based on your seller volume over the past 6 months. If you had a higher sales volume 6 months ago than you do now, those sales are falling off and not being replaced as quickly by your current sales, resulting in a decrease in your AHS. This happens to all sellers with seasonal sales.


Great explanation! Thanks! I did not know that. I thought maybe there was some back-end glitch or phantom/imaginary policy violation that we were unaware of. Thanks again!


There’s been a couple threads in here about this.

I suggest you read - A Few Questions for Booksellers or Others - #7 by oneida_books - where I detail it out.


So a customer who orders two items from you as two different orders helps your AHR; whereas a customer who orders two items from you on one order does not impact your AHR to the same degree … correct?


You get 4 points per 50 orders so the difference is minimal, but yes.


4 per 200 orders …

What we were attempting to note to sellers (although we posed it as a question above) is that, if you are struggling with AHR and are getting two orders from the same customer back to back, it’s not a bad thing for your AHR as this would help your AHR.

Most look at two back to back orders from a customer as an expense or quandary when deciding shipping and miss this as a positive effect on their AHR.


The effect is so minuscule that I wouldn’t consider it a plus to get 2 separate orders.


Apologies, yes, 4/200, 1/50. I get those mixed up in my head sometimes.

For this to actually benefit a seller in any meaningful way, they would need to be right on the edge of 200, such that every order counts. Once a seller is over 200 there is no benefit to a higher number, and if a seller is under 200 they would be better served by addressing the defects than worrying about buyers purchasing multiple items on 1 order or 2.


If you’re at the volume required to get a meaningful benefit out of your account health rating (>250 for account health assurance), you wouldn’t notice petty things like a customer placing 2 separate orders. You need around 430 orders / month to get AHA, probably more than that to keep it consistently, at that volume you stop paying attention to individual orders.

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