Account Policy Violation

Lovely Thursday! Woke up to this:

Hello Seller,

We have detected a policy violation that impacts your account health. If left unaddressed, it may lead to account deactivation.

Why did this happen?
You created one or more ASIN variations that violate our ASIN Creation policies. Selling partners may not:
– Change the product’s detail page (parent or child) to become fundamentally different from the original product listed.
– Change the parent product’s detail page so it does not match the children.
– Add incorrect child variations that are not true variations of the parent product.
– Add multi-pack variations that are not manufacturer created to an already existing parent.

Here are examples of your listings that do not follow this policy:

It’s only one ASIN (so far), but I think I know what the problem is - maybe.

Over the past few months I’ve been updating my original ASINs to have better/more product detail in the titles, descriptions and bullet points. But I’ve only changed the child listings, not the parents - they’re just a placeholder, so I didn’t bother with them.

I think a bot caught the discrepancy and this is the issue? Before I dive in to fix them - do you all agree that’s it? And - the child listings HAVE to be different from the parent since they’re variations - so not sure how to make them match?



I appealed 2x and said they were the same product. Even sent screenshots. Appeal denied.

I accepted it and the bot removed it.

Good grief. Now I need to decide whether to bother with the other ones or just leave them. :confused:


Did you have to make change of the Parent to match the Children in order for the bot to remove the violation?

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No - I did change it, but that didn’t work. I had to ‘accept’ the violation like a kid getting spanked and it was removed.

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Thanks for the info. So make change plus accepting fault is the way to get it off our account. Good to know that.


that is honestly the best outcome, I had issues where you needed to provide a bunch of detailed documents, etc,
if I did do something wrong I do prefer to just say ok I accept it and won’t do it again and follow that rule

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My issue is I’m honestly not sure what the fix is. The children have to have different information because they’re different from one another. It’s size differences, but that’s enough to warrant different titles and bullet points.


Good question. Personally, I would update the parents and hope to avoid any other violations. But I’m an oldest child. :sweat_smile:

But here’s the issue: What do I update them with? I’ve updated all of my child listings to have titles and bullets that are similar, but they reflect what that child includes. I’ve been searching the seller stuff and can’t find anything that specifically addresses that - other than the child listings should reflect what they actually are.

I’m honestly not sure what to do. I also updated them A LOT - I started with just basic bullets to get stuff listed, but now I’ve been using spreadsheets to really spell it out (and attempt to idiot-proof them). I was tempted for about 2 seconds to open a case, but I can’t even imagine how long it would take for me to get an answer.

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I’m wondering if THIS is what was triggered because I updated them so substantially. I went from bare minimum sentences to mostly full paragraphs. It says the same thing, but in far more detail.

EDIT: I found one instance of someone else reporting the same thing in the forums, and it appears it’s because they changed the product title to be more accurate. I mean - what the heck? - So they want them to be accurate, but if you do so, you might get this?

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They want them to start off accurate, not get there eventually. Such a major change will always trigger the bot. That is why the hackers do it slowly over several feeds.

As to a parent … technically it should be the same less the variation part.

Example Parent:
[Brand] Bath Towel

Example Child:
[Brand] Bath Towel (White)
[Brand] Bath Towel (Blue)

Now that;s very basic, but the parent should be that base product title.


Okay this makes sense. Do you think it’s just the title, or the bullets also? I could clean the titles up pretty quickly. I’ve incorporated the variation into the title, not at the end, but I can just remove it.

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UPDATE: I just updated all of my Parent titles that differed from the child ones - just copy/pasted but removed the specific info for the variation.

I guess I’ll wait and see if I still get flagged for any new ones - not sure if bullets matter; you would think those would always differ from the parent listing, but we shall see - that’s a much more time-consuming project!


If this helps, I had a listing violation after I added text, and accidently used a phrase that’s not permitted. Roxy told me where to find the specifics of the violation:


I think that’s a Listing Policy Violation - I get those all the time, unfortunately. Old listings that indicated how they’d be safely shipped. I just edit, remove those words and presto (!) all good again.

In my case here, it seems the issue is that I “fluffed up” the Child listing variations, but didn’t touch the Parent. I’ve gone in and synced up the Parent titles, REALLY hoping I don’t have to do the bullets too, but will if need be. It’ll just take a bit more copy/paste time.

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If I were you, if that doesn’t fix it, I’d go back and change all the children back to their pre-fluff status, and then wait. Then if it’s ok, then do the parent, wait, and so on.


Honestly, I wouldn’t have any idea how to even do that. I’ve been using spreadsheets to redo them over probably the last year or so? I have no idea how I’d even revert them back - other than maybe copying what’s in the parent over to the child listings. I’ve probably done 50 of them so far?

Also - my Child listings with more info have been selling better (more keywords) so I really hate to do that!

As of now I only had 1 and it’s fixed. That doesn’t mean I won’t wake up tomorrow morning with 20, but good gravy I sure hope not!


Bullets and Description do matter, assuming major changes.

Technically your parent would have the same basic data as the child for these areas, just like the title.


Dangit. Thank you, @oneida_books! Now I have to figure out the best/easiest way to do that. Blah.


Found this on the Seller forums. It was someone with basically the same question: Variations are different, what to use for the parent. Thoughts? Should I just delete the bullets from the parent listings?

EDIT: Further in the thread (had to open the replies) someone said SS gave them the opposite advice. Oy vey! I’m going to just figure out a way to add them - or at least maybe the first one.

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