Account verifications ??????

So I saw the following thread on the NSFE
But didn’t think too much of it since I’m not seeing any banner on the dashboard or when I go into account info and no new email about it. So just figuring it is an additional round with glitches on all those people who have already done their verification a couple times anyway.

I haven’t been put through the Identity re-verification yet but I have gone through the Deposit method re-verificaiton lately.

But now just checking through the pages I look in account health and there is this banner that seems a little odd to me.

Why are they giving me the amber warning banner with the ! in the triangle. And then saying Thank you for doing something that I don’t think I have done unless they mean verifying my deposit method?


Some form of CYA to meet the standards of the Act itself?

I have the same issue…keeps saying something went wrong try again later

And can’t call account health since yesterday

Same issue as the NSFE post*

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So much fail…
Risk of Deactivation BUT
Thanks for providing the required information BUT
Warning you need to comply check below for pending items BUT
All green checks…

WTF Amazon. Pathetic attempt at writing code.


Oh, but wait. I just had this pop up on my Dashboard.


And now this is what my Account Health Page looks like

UH, does anyone know where we are supposed to go to re-verify this stuff?
Is there supposed to be a link or banner in Account Info for it?

I can’t seem to find anything that says it needs to be verified and therefore I don’t have anywhere to enter stuff.
There is no banner in my Account info and nowhere or links that say I need to verify anything.

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When that popped up it wanted me to add an emergency phone number which is already set…
Then, I noticed that there is a space for a support phone number that is blank in all of the marketplaces.

Ok, I’ll look

Ugh, us too

Had the “call me now” they asked me to type a sequence of number, and sure enough, they dropped my call

All I can figure is that someone has added some variable to all accounts and it is empty. Probably will get written to later with existing data, maybe?

Well I checked the customer service number but that is set for the .com marketplace and I’m not selling in CA or MX and it won’t accept the phone number in those anyway.

I got it too - said I needed to upload bank statements. Didn’t I JUST go through this nonsense? Oy vey. Why do they make it so miserable. I just uploaded PDFs, hope it works.


We got it today as well.

How long did it take for the checks to appear?
I did what it asked this morning but they still show as “O” not checks.

@Sundance What checks are you talking about and where?

I had everything correct on the information page. But just for the sake of it I edited the contact number (by clicking edit and save, didn’t change anything)
I can’t tell if that did the trick, but it’s the only thing I did

Huh, but mine are all checked

I know it says it my take 5 days - I was just wondering did it happen immediately or did you never have the “O” “look”