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My post above included three links, that’s why it’s deleted.

I love how @oneida_books documented the verification process. So, it wasn’t a surprise for us, when we faced it:


From @Dogtamer, with permission:

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I suspect that - given the parameters of the US INFORM Consumers Act requiring Amazon, among others, to annually re-verify details - it’s probably not too soon to bump this thread.

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I thought all we had to do going forward, if the seller already went through the re-verification, was to just hit agree that nothing has changed.

Is Amazon really going to be sending out a couple million postcards every year for this? I don’t think so but I’ve been wrong before.


I would hope that you are correct in expecting that Amazon’s OGC (‘Amazonese’/‘Amazonish’ for “Office of the General Counsel”) will follow that course in this year - but I remain trepid that Amazon’s ever-present fear of yet another impact by this or that regulatory entity, foreign and/or domestic, might throw a monkey-wrench into the works, if for no other reason than that of our Cοngress having disseminated rather-mightily in crafting the parameters for said legislation.