Action required: Verify your Amazon seller bank account information

For some reason I couldn’t find the Verification thread that I know has been active?

Anyway, Just thought I would post that I got the email with the Subject

“Action required: Verify your Amazon seller bank account information”

So I followed the Instructions

Next steps:

  1. Login to your Amazon Seller Central account.
  2. In Seller Central, go to the “Settings” menu and select “Account Info” to view your Seller “Account Information” page.
  3. In the “Payment Information” section, select the “Deposit Methods” page.
  4. Go to the “Manage Deposit Methods” page and find the bank account that you are using to receive your disbursements. If you see a ‘Verified’ status next to it, you do not need to do anything. If you do not see a ‘Verified’ status, click on the ‘Verify’ button.
  5. Once you are on the “Verify Bank Account” page, select the Bank Account Holder Name from the options provided, upload your bank account statement, and submit for Verification.
    Note: Please make sure that:
    a. The Bank Account Holder Name you select on the “Verify Bank Account Page” matches the Bank Account Holder Name on your bank account statement you upload.
    b. The bank account statement you are uploading is for the same bank account you use to receive disbursements (bank account numbers must be the same).
  6. You will be redirected to the “Manage Deposit Methods” page where you will see that the Verification Status of your bank account is ‘In progress.’ Your bank account verification may take from 48 to 72 hours.
  7. You will be notified via email when your bank account has been successfully verified or if you need to take any additional steps.
  8. If you choose to use a different bank account, or add a new bank account for verification, you will need to assign the verified bank account to the marketplace from the “Assign Deposit Method” or “Replace Deposit Method” pages.

I know many people have had issue/panic over the fact that they are taxed as “individuals” so the legal entity is listed as their name BUT their bank account is in the business name.

So paying attention as I went through their steps. It actually asked me if the bank account was in my name or in the business name. Well since my Bank statement has my business name on it, I chose business name and then uploaded the pdf of my last bank statement.
It currently says in process.

I think perhaps they have “fixed” some of the issues I saw people encountering before. Like the lack of a verify link. And maybe they didn’t let people choose what name should be on the bank account before. Hopefully I can confirm that they have fixed the issues shortly.


Please be sure to give a follow up as to how it went.


Thanks for posting this; it’s definitely caused a lot of issues for sellers.
I’m eager to know how things go.


I’ve got our CC for the account expiring soon so curious as to what we need to do for that…???

Don’t want to screw that up… Any tips would be helpful as well. I’m sure some of you have been through this before with Amazon but we haven’t.

TY :hugs: :people_hugging:

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Under Seller Central>Charge Methods, it gives you the option to ‘Add’ or ‘Manage’ your credit cards.

I recommend adding the card to your customer account first; you can then ‘Manage’ them from SC.

I added a new credit card to my customer account a few weeks ago, and it asked me if I wanted it as my default Credit card. I selected yes, and when I went to Seller Central, it automatically showed first as my new default card. The other cc is still there under my Charge Methods, which shows Active as a secondary card. It also shows my debit card, but it’s not showing active.

All the cards you have under your customer account will show in SC. I deleted a few old ones as well that had expired.


Most credit cards send out the new card at the beginning of the last month on the old card.

We simply used this path and selected Manage and updated the expiration date and saved. That’s all it took.

Having a secondary card on file is a good safety idea.

We did not add to the buyer side first because we do not use the buyer side. Every thing for us is done on the seller side. Never had an issue.


Still saying in process.
Kinda surprised since I uploaded the statement almost a day ago.
But then again. There were no banners or anything anywhere on seller central to let me know I needed to do something. Just the e-mail.

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Ok, verified now

So I guess it perhaps took about 24 hours from when I uploaded the statement to having the status go from processing to verified.
I did not get an e-mail about it so it might just be having to keep going in to look to see if it worked.


And right after I posted that. The email came through.


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There are definitely still glitches going on in the system though since I’ve seen others who have a Corporate business entity and apparently the system is ONLY giving them the option of a bank account with their personal name.

I received the verify bank account message today (5/8).

Step 3: In the “Payment Information” section, select the “Deposit Methods” page.

Step 4 Go to the “Manage Deposit Methods” page and find the bank account that you are using to receive your disbursements. If you see a ‘Verified’ status next to it, you do not need to do anything. If you do not see a ‘Verified’ status, click on the ‘Verify’ button.

Why no ‘Verify’ button?
Do I need to assign this bank account to Amazon Pay, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada? I am not selling anything in these other marketplaces and have them on “vacation”.

It is absolutely pathetic that they can’t program things to work correctly for every seller.

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Ignore the last message… now the Verify appears. Email and Performance Notification came “earlier” than the rest of the settings.

I only have the option to select Amazon’s business entity name for Bank Account Holder Name:
Business Name LLC - Personal Name

The bank statement only shows Business Name LLC.

No wonder this process is so F’d.


Your first screen shot, you needed to go one level deeper with the link in the upper right “Manage Deposit Methods” in order to get to the page with the option to verify.

Yes I agree the system is messed up. However I expect that most of us already agree that Amazon has a lot of trouble getting these “systems” set up correctly.


I did. I showed step 3 (1st pic going to deposit methods) and 4 (2nd pic going into manage deposit methods) because I was trying to figure out why I wasn’t getting a Verify link. Was thinking that the un-assigned marketplaces was an issue. The next message shows that it appeared on its own in the manage deposit methods about an hour later.

I submitted even though the Bank Account Holder Name and Bank Statement Name don’t match because the difference is in how Amazon generates the Legal Entity.

Will let everyone know if it gets accepted or rejected later.


@TCLynx Thanks for posting. We just received a bank verification email too. Hopefully ours is reviewed as quickly as yours. (We are currently throttled - but without account or review metric issues)

I received this today as well. About 14 months ago I had received the whole package (account verification e-mail) now only this one. It seems easier but before submitting anything, I’ll first read everything posted here.

Yea, for some people it works out very easy. For others, Amazon has some glitches where it is NOT giving the option to choose the account holder on the bank account. Or it is only giving a wrong choice and no other options.
for me I was Lucky. It gave me the option to choose Personal name as account holder OR Business Name as the account holder. So all is well in my world.


Account is verified.

Legal Entity on Amazon: Business Name LLC - Personal Name
Bank Statement: Business Name LLC


I downloaded my bank statement, read the instructions and forums, and started the verification process. When I went to the "4.Go to the “Manage Deposit Methods”, this is what I got:

Great! I’m still out of country and hope that I will be able to submit the document without further delays or issues.

I tried it a few minutes later. Uploaded the statement, the verification status is in progress now.
@joebcrafts I also noticed the Mexican Marketplace, didn’t touch it, since I’m not interested in selling there. Hope I didn’t have to do anything about it.

It seemed very straightforward since the only option I could choose was my name anyway. I will share it here, when I receive the result, (+) or (-).

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