Amazon Account Deactivation Appeal

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My pleasure to join this practically learned community, i am a new seller on Amazon and just when i started to sell my account was deactivated with another account of my on the same store but a different market place, so i gather this is a case of linked account,

Need help to file an appeal. Never filed on. Anyone who can come forward to guide me. Thank you


Can you share some more details on what happened here? That may help us help you.

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Hi thanks for your quick input. Sure why not. Actually when this account / store was created, we selected " Sell Globally " by mistake, this is now become a pain for me. I want to remove this option soonest possible, but it can only be removed once main account is activated. I am selling in Europe and on the same account, a market place in Asia Pacific was deactivated. So i am trying to expedite the conditions set on the asia pacific account, once that is done then i will move on the expedite the main account, the problem is how to write an effective appeal.

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It sounds like you need to complete activation on any relevant marketplaces and then deactivate them as needed. If you cannot complete activation, Amazon will decline to do business with you.

Good luck!


thanks yes i know for now that i have to get this account activated before i try to get my main selling account activated. All i need is help with filing an appeal. Anyone who has good knowledge and practical experience can be a worthwhile source.

I’m not sure what you’re appealing. Typically to pass verification / activation, you would need to provide Amazon with the documents they require. If you’re appealing a denied activation, it would usually mean you did not follow the instructions you received.

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@oneida_books is an expert with these global-related accounts. It’s really early so give it a few hours when he jumps on you should be able to get all the assistance you need to get this sorted out.

Welcome, good to have you joining us!!


look there is one main account on say marketplace A which was deactivated due to linked account on marketplace B. First i have to provide for the docs as listed below.
Once this account in marketplace B is activated then i need to file an appeal to get my main account reactivated.

Please see below the docs required. I do not have the bill unfortunately, Can i do without it?


Reactivate your account

To reactivate your account, please provide the documents listed below. You can upload up to 10 files that total a maximum file submission of 10 MB.

  • A bill that is dated within the last 90 days for piped or natural gas, electricity, water or Internet service with the name and address visible.
  • Business license (if applicable)

Add documents

Drag files here or [select file]

Accepted file types: Image (jpeg, gif, tiff, png), Document (pdf, docx, txt), Spreadsheet (xlsx, csv), Email (eml). Max size per file is 10MB, max total size per submission is 10MB.

Please confirm that the following statements regarding your appeal submission are true by selecting the checkbox next to the statement.

The bill is dated within the last 90 days and all pages of the bill are present.

The documents provided are authentic and unaltered.

There is valid, chargeable credit card on file.

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thank you so much for the Welcome, wish can i learn quickly and put my 2 cents.
thanks. look forward to hearing from oneida_books


Please list out exactly what documents you provided.

Does the name and address on the documents exactly match the name and address on the Amazon account?


This type of “Related Account” suspension goes to the parts of the Global Accounts policies, which you seem to understand based on posts.

Are you sure it’s an appeal you need? Exactly why was your AP account suspended? Failing with documents is not a reason for an appeal. Amazon won’t accept it.

This type issue is a Pass/Fail with no option to appeal from anything I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen LOTS. The very info you post above confirms the same.

This is a starting point. Your doc.'s must match what you have in “Legal Entity” and “Business Address.”

Your Utility must be from those listed, be in color, show all pages (and all 4 edges), have the utility company’s complete info and not be a receipt.

Your Credit Card must be internationally billable, to cover fees for the Marketplace.

If you want to PM me what you are sending I will look at them.


Hi my main account is deactivated due to linked account on another market place due to which i have to file an appeal to get this main account activated. i will share the notification here

Dear ABC

I am Nayana in Amazon Account Status Support.

I am contacting you regarding your concern. I would like to help you with your questions and reactivating your account. You will need to submit the requested information on 26/12/2022 22:30 MET.

Why is this happening?

We discovered that your current seller account is linked to another counter seller named ABC Mall and created on 01/03/ 2022. This linked account has violated our Multiple Account Policy (Sales Policies and Seller Code of Conduct Amazon) and has therefore been deactivated. As a result, your selling privileges on have been revoked.

How do I reactivate my account?

To reactivate this seller account, please follow these steps:

  1. You must first reactivate the linked account by submitting an action plan. Please follow the instructions in the notification received for this account

  2. Once this account has been successfully reactivated, please submit an action plan to reactivate the current seller account using this link: When submitting your action plan, you will need to provide us with the name of the reactivated account and the date it was reactivated.

What happens if I don’t have the linked account (s)?

If you don’t think you have any other seller accounts, please follow these steps:

  1. If you have owned this account in the past or had account rights, please submit an action plan ( Please provide supporting documentation that shows that you no longer have it or that you are no longer linked to this account. Supporting documents may include the bill of sale, purchase agreement, business transfer agreement, contract termination, etc.

  2. If you are unable to identify the above account and believe that this suspension was made in error, please file an appeal here Amazon Sign In and confirm that this account does not belong to you. If we are unable to verify that you are the owner of this account, the account will not be reinstated and will not be allowed to do business on Amazon in the future.

How do I send the required information?

To reactivate your account, check the Account Status (Amazon Sign In) and click the Reactivate My Account button to submit the necessary information.

We are here to help.
The Account Status Support team is available 7 days a week, from 9:00am to 5:00pm (Central European Time), to discuss the performance of your account with you. To be called by the Account Status Support team, use this link: ( Mandarin Chinese support is also available between 7:00am and 9:00pm China Standard Time using the link above.

You can review your account performance at (Amazon Sign In) or select Account Status on the home screen from the Amazon Seller Central application on your iOS/Android device. The Account Status section shows how your account is performing against the performance metrics and selling policies required to sell on Amazon.

– Download the iOS app at (
– Download the Android application at (

Want to discuss next steps with like-minded sellers? Browse seller forums to find hundreds of questions that have been answered or to create your own (

Merci de vendre sur Amazon.

Support Vendeur

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Dear Friend,

In order to get the linked account update they need the following:

  1. Valid credit card.
  2. Utility bill
  3. Business license

Regarding matching of name and address i have one question. Which address should it match with - of my company in UK or my residence address in Pakistan

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i think i have not been able to explain well.

My account is suspended due to linked account and i need to submit an action plan



thanks for the input, Yes i have to give them a plan of action. my account was deactivated due to linked account with my own account on seperate marketplace.

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Just curious, why are you trying to address this now, rather than 5 months ago, when your account was deactivated?


Please note, they did not ask for a credit card bill.

To quote above:

So then our question would be why are there duplicate accounts? The answer to this question will decide what your path forward will be.


Good questions, had too many things on my mind, tried to get help every now and then.

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this is not a duplicate account, it is the same store with " Sell Globally" option


Here is a thread for you to read that I thought would be helpful:

A path forward for related account deactivations