Amazon business insurance bot gone wild

`Twould appear that the “seeds of dissent” (h/t to NSFE vet @LowCostSalesOnline, who used that phrase in one of the multitude of “Seedy” discussions) may be spreading with yet another Amabot Gone Wild:

https: //

Glitchmas in July, anyone?

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yep I also noticed business has been very strange. I think something is really going on with the back end.


said 90% of sellers using Amazon … the remaining silent 10% were newbies …


@Dogtamer thank you so much for posting this!! (I am not on the NSFE.) I received that email from Amazon and started to panic. The “multiple email follow ups” part is really disturbing. I have received no previous emails about this non-issue, let alone follow-ups.

ETA: My account health shows no warnings about insurance, either.


Happened to me as well. I chatted with SS this morning and they confirmed it was sent by mistake. Of course, the problem is the high inaccuracy rate of SS’s responses :grimacing: However, if the business insurance page shows it’s verified, then I assume we are indeed safe to disregard the message.


We got a similar email today but without the “multiple follow up emails” wording.

Ours thanked us for having insurance and said we needed to upload a new certificate because our existing policy has expired or will expire in the next 30 days (our policy does not end up August 17).


I can’t help but wonder if AWS is run as poorly. That’s a scary thought with all the industry and other functions that use it.


One of our SoA Accounts got a similar email - with the Subject Line “Action required: New certificate of insurance coverage” - back on 12Jun2024, with this Message Body:

As I know exactly WHEN each and every insurance policy we support in our biz enterprise(s) expires - down to the very HOUR when the other party signed the contractual agreement - I have so-far reserved reaction to that emailed notification, because I suspected that yet another roguish/ill-formed AI implementation might be forthcoming from Amazon, and looming beyond the horizon.

That’s why I created the thread-opening post that appears here (which our friend @papy wisely segregated into a separate topic-thread by copying my post to a related thread, and then skillfully reformatting it); whenever I smell smoke, I’m looking for fire.


Let’s just say that there’s a reason why, in recent years, Amazon AWS has been losing market-share, in terms of the % of governmental & corporate-conglomerate contracts awarded annually across the globe.

That particular paradigm, to be fair, sports many a father - but it may not be gainsaid that both the Security & Patching Communities share a majority consensus that the demonstrably-evident focus upon short-term profit in Seattle’s Halls of Power* might well be blinding & blinkering the decision-makers in the boardrooms to the point of sacrificing long-term sustainability.


“TPTB” as our friend @TEXASEXILEBOOKS would, among others, put it - an acronym for “The Powers That Be”


FWIW, Facebook’s bots are acting very strangely lately, too. I got this removal notice this morning for an innocuous video of a Peterbilt tractor I posted back in October (link is in notice); Facebook seems to think it is spam. I’ve seen others complaining of the same thing. Makes me wonder if it’s just widespread ineptitude/laziness by software developers or something more coordinated. Yes, I wear a tinfoil hat. :wink:


We have not yet received this email. Thank goodness.


The People need to quickly see that Amazon is drunk and a have a place to panic and fume without any retaliation from Amazon.

Seriously, wtah is happening to Amazon’s programmers?! Have there been more lay offs we don’t know about? Are they letting summer interns run things while they go on vacation? Are they actually drunk???


Bots programming bots … only accountable to the accountability bot …


Hey, Andy - how’s that warm embrace of Artificial Idiocy workin’ out fer ya, pal?



I see today there are numerous separate NSFE threads about the insurance email. Sellers (some who have insurance, some who have not met the $10K threshold) who have called SS have, of course, gotten widely varying responses. One SS rep told a seller that if they had not uploaded their insurance information in the past two weeks, they need to do it again. Others have been told to ignore it. What I would like to know is if a seller has never done $10K in a month, should they consider this email to be a formal request from Amazon? Very hard to tell, because the “numerous follow up emails” part sure makes this look like a mistake.


Agreed…we normally get our renewal mid-July anyways, so I’ll upload it then and still be within the 30 days…


Here’s a possible reason for these “bots gone wild” - with Bitcoin down to $58K, if power pricing is $0.08/kWh or more, any/all ASICs less efficient than 23 Watts / Terrahash will operate at a NET LOSS.

So, a lot of silicon is being rapidly repurposed to “AI Work” from “Mining Work”, as miners are good at bailing out and selling fast for whatever price they can get for their “obsolete” hardware. Amazon suddenly has affordable processors that they can use on… new things. Which means new bugs, and new unintended consequences.

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Seems like it’s every minute of every Amazon day lately.