Amazon Buy Shipping Still Doing USPS First Class

It is not showing Ground Advantage yet - for us.

Is anyone else seeing Ground Advantage as an option in Amazon Buy Shipping for USPS?

Stay on alert. Amazon might be glitching, demonstrating incompetence, or waiting. Or something else.


KJ is currently posting an update about this on multiple discussions:

She’s designated the last of those four (created by long-time vet @bslv_stor two weeks ago) as the ‘main thread’ to monitor for the promised forthcoming additional information.


USPS Options

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What is the link to the shipping pre-set settings page (or the menu path)?

Amazon might be glitching, demonstrating incompetence, or waiting.

This gets my vote.

As of today, they also seem to be padding the UPS Ground estimates by a day. No idea why they would be doing that, but it’s bound to cause problems.

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Dominic has just weighed in along the same lines to a related discussion, but without directing attention to @bslv_stor’s ‘main thread’ (italicized & bolded emphasis mine):

Dominic from Amazon here, happy to help. This is related to USPS Ground Advantage. USPS is consolidating its ground shipping options by combining USPS Retail Ground®, First-Class-Package ®, and Parcel Select Ground® into a single service: USPS Ground Advantage™. We are working with our partner team on these updates, and we will have information and instructions available over the next day or two. In the meantime, please continue shipping as you have been doing.



Any takers for a propositional wager - say, at 10:1 odds - for it proving to take longer than that for the promised forthcoming additional information to appear?

How about a parlay bet on the odds of USPS’ Trademark Application for “USPS Ground Advantage” not being fast-tracked?


longer than that for the promised forthcoming additional information to appear?

What are they going to do in the next 1-2 days that they haven’t been able to do in the previous (how many months?) since USPS first announced this change? :thinking:

It’s good to know the forum mods are as useless as they’ve always been.

Some of our cross-posting users should mention that real advice is available over here, for sellers who need it.

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I wholeheartedly agree; our friends @booknut7 & @Nutty_Nuisance (among others) have done some mighty-fine yeomanlike work in the NSFE on that score over the last 6 months.


I must admit to having slacked off over there. In the early days I kept seeing old familiar names and that usually was my prompt to engage. Now I see the same old issues for post after post after post, and so few posters who actually come back for what help is offered. On the few I see that I may offer a suggestion, I try to sneak one in, but I’m spending less and less time perusing the NSFE.


You still don’t get it.

Amazon is a college kid. “Oh Poop, that’s due tomorrow???”

AKA they have outsourced it.

I, too, am feeling the same fatigue recently.

If I have to read yet another of the incessant “Why can’t I register my brand?” discussions, I’m trepid that I might yet suffer a most-direful fate:

Spontaneous combustion.


Too bad Amazon didn’t outsource it to They have implemented the changes.


Or Pirate Ship


Ditto … :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

And you can not follow a thread …
And if you could, the nested posting makes it impossible to catch everything being replied to in the thread (especially if the thread has any length at all).
And then there is the thumbs down … there are those that have turned it into child’s play by putting a thumbs down on every response in a thread … this was the norm for a while … it’s has gotten better but still happens.

la la la la la la la la …


Just printed a ground advantage label off ebay…


Since all these other platforms seem able to add Ground Advantage, have to wonder if Amazon requested USPS continue to recognize First Class Package Service…

This is why

Everybody else can handle their whole business, but Amazon can’t read a calendar correctly? :unamused:

It is a shame, too. On many of my orders I can save about $1.00 by using Ground Advantage instead of Priority Mail.

I’m curious to see what will happen to the UPS promotional discount that I was seeing that appeared to be designed to undercut USPS First Class by $0.10.


Maybe … but probably because there are pre-printed Return Labels out in circulation that could possibly be used and the September 30, 2023 recognition extension gives a little time for these to process through the system.