Amazon opens Rookie 'Member' Forum to experienced sellers. Hurt feelings to follow.

Apparently Amazon has thrown in the towel on allowing newbies to be lead only by the blind and has opened the “New Seller Community” to some more seasoned vets.

At least one TVO15 has already tried to help someone there –

I almost feel sorry for those poor unsuspecting rookies…:grin::grin::grin::grin:

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No one wanted the NSFE, now it feels like they are begging for the helpers to come back.



During our time with Beta and Chime video chats with Amazon, we had made this as a suggestion. We haven’t paid any attention to the New Seller Community since they stopped the back door quote posting that we had used to get around the original block.

We just checked and we now have a status as a member of the community. :thinking:

Yeah, since they let me in as well I’m not sure how ‘closely’ they guarded the doors when they said they opened it to 'our most active sellers in the forums '.

It means:

#1 I spend WAY too much time on there and,
#2 As Mr T used to say ‘pity the poor fools’…
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yikes. If there’s a standard or bar to entry, “most active” ain’t it. :expressionless:

I’ll try to NOT take that personally… :rofl: :rofl: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

Nah, you know what @papy means. SWMNBN was very active in her time. So was Jesse, when he wasn’t “quitting the forum V12.17.0.1”. Ed has been pretty active lately too. So is GreatDeals1st.



Luckily only cares about themselves. The worst they can do would be spam

:shushing_face: :grimacing:

How long should I pout for not being allowed in? :smile:

1 Mississippi…2 Mississippi…3 Mississippi…Done! :wink:


I’d never go back. Having it gone has led to me having a lot more time for myself. It’s nice. Plus we have this which is even better…


I made the mistake of joining the Amazon Handmade Sellers group on Facebook. The absolute lack of knowledge on how to operate on Amazon is just mind-blowing. Offered a couple bits of sound advice, was basically slapped for it, and now will only watch the goings-on with popcorn in-hand.


I’m of the opinion that our friend @Tvoi, like you and several other members of SAS who continue trying to help on the NSFE, has earned a good of respect for that endeavour alone (not to mention some entirely unwarranted slings and arrows from stubborn individuals, dagummit).

Apparently, s/he has also earned their New Seller Forum-posting stripes by that activity, as Steve elucidates in Danny’s latest YAWDI (link, original coinage of term) discussion here:

Did someone mention desperation?


Licorice is better for shows. Less crunchy to annoy those around you, tastier, and doesn’t get caught between your teeth.

Anyway, you lost me at Facebook.

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Looks like I got access to that group now. Looking through the posts, it looks like the mods have responded to a lot of them. I wonder if they gave us access because they were tired of having to deal with them themselves :sweat_smile:

Responded to and helped are two different things.

I agree that the workload got too much for them. Kate didn’t think of that!