[AMZ] New US INFORM Consumers Act imposes new requirements for sellers

I’m sure this was already posted here but I didn’t see it. Information like this might have been useful before all the emails went out. What’s wrong with Amazon!!!

New US INFORM Consumers Act imposes new requirements for sellers

The INFORM Consumers Act takes effect in the US on June 27, 2023. This law places obligations on high-volume third-party sellers to provide, and on Amazon to collect, verify, and disclose, information about their businesses.

To ensure a trusted store for both customers and sellers, Amazon already maintains and continues to innovate on robust processes for collecting and verifying sellers’ business information during and after registration. While many of these processes are more sophisticated and effective than the basic requirements of the INFORM Consumers Act, this new law requires us to take certain additional steps to verify information related to high-volume sellers.

You may be required to provide information about your business for verification, such as your name, a government-issued identification document, a business address, bank account information, a working email address, a working phone number, and a tax identification number. You may also be required to annually certify that your information is current.

In most cases, if you already completed verification for any of the required information, you won’t need to submit it again, as long as your information hasn’t changed.

If you need to take further action, we will contact you via email with specific instructions. We ask that you respond to these messages within the specified timelines, as the law may require us to deactivate your selling account until you successfully complete verification.

We recommend you go to your Account Information now to confirm that all of your business information is accurate and current.

To learn more about the INFORM Consumers Act, go to About the INFORM Consumers Act.

We have also updated the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement for consistency with the new law. To learn more, go to Changes to the Amazon Services Business Solutions Agreement.

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An explanation after the fact when you consider the recent re-verifications everyone has been seeing.


Nothing new but it’s a pretty big deal when you’re asking a couple million sellers to do something.

I only got it for my ASV account as of now but that surely was completely verified in the past so IDK what they are talking about in this announcement. Fake News.

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Probably not …

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haha… Didn’t mean that. Meant that it’s fake in that the piece mentions no actions needed for those that have already been verified.

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Translation: We’ll just slightly modify the code and … oh… uh… modify some more that will fix … oops… a bit more innovation… ok … oh no wait… crap, just approve anything close. We’ve good faith “tried” to comply before it was required, we’re awesome!

I figured there had to be a “reason” (government intervention) for the sudden large scale activity. That is the only thing making Amazon do anything beyond find more ways to make more money however they can… which is often letting gray area stuff “happen” (without their knowledge of course).


Thank you @ASV_Vites :hugs:

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