Any way to see the tracking for FBA orders

A buyer says the tracking on their FBA order shows “undeliverable” and when they placed a new order the price had gone up, so they want a refund for the difference.

I am willing to give it to them, but first I want to check the status of the original FBA order (because I’m cynical AF and trust nobody). Is there any way to see the tracking number or delivery status of an FBA order?


It is included with your “Amazon has shipped your sold item(s)” email


Keep us updated @maintak.
I too am “cynical AF” at this point.

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I set my preferences to not send those emails, as they flood my inbox so badly I can’t find anything.
/insert sadface

If it was delivered by a smile van you can’t track it anyway.

You may have gotten rid of those notifications when Amazon was sending an email with each order. They now send them in batches of 20 (one email every 2 hours). We set up a Gmail rule to file them away so I have them if we need them.

IDK how it works that they send them all in 20’s every 2 hours. For sellers who get more than 240 orders a day - how do they get the seller all the notifications.

one of my 2 accounts is in that group. Never really looked into it but it’s odd… lol


Fulfillment Reports (

But request the .txt file so the USPS tracking will show all the digits correctly when opened in excel.
This date range report will place the tracking number for FBA orders in the AR column.

I do not remember off hand. I normally just check if a return was requested from the FBA return lookup search.

Manage FBA returns [link]


Duh… IDK how I forgot about that report… TY :grinning:


Do you remember using this swiship site to track fba vans. I do not think it works anymore.

Track your package (

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The tracking shows as TBA305419830449. I downloaded the file as a .csv, then as a .txt, it showed this same both ways. I don’t know how to get the tracking in a format I can use.

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I do not believe you can track an TBA shipment.

track (dot) amazon (dot) com does not work either for TBA shipments. I believe only the buyer can track Amazon van or TBA deliveries.

Meh. That’s what I figured but I wanted to check before I refunded the buyer. At this point I will just refund him the difference, this isn’t worth any more of my time.

Nope, you cannot. Only buyers can.

Yes, but I don’t trust the buyer. I want to verify because I am suspicious and jaded.

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Have you checked what the Order ID shows under FBA return lookup
But don’t forget to change the event date box.

image of screen

(Amazon Sign-In)

The buyer is claiming INR, is the return report going to show anything useful?

The report will show the Customer Return Reason and Return Status along with the disposition and the Fulfillment Center processing the return.

But the Payment Report will show what the buyer was charged and what the buyer was refunded.

I hate seeing the loss on returns, so I do not check many.

The Reimbursements Report will show if Amazon reimbursed you for the inventory item. Either cash or physical product. (but has a waiting period around 45 days)

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There was no return, so no return reason or return status. The buyer has also not been refunded yet.

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What was the ship date?

Feb 18th, expedited shipping.

I have an Expedited order with a ship date 2/17 that was FBA and undeliverable.

I received an email today, Tue 2/21/2023 4:57 AM

click for email about order

Then the Payment Report shows the refund immediately.

click for Payment report on order

My reply to almost all FBA questions is


This order, [ORDER_ID], was shipped by Amazon themselves from an Amazon Warehouse. I can answer questions about the product itself but for delivery, returns, payments, or refunds please contact Amazon directly as they do not share that information with us.

Here is a note from Amazon Customer Service about orders shipped directly by Amazon or Prime:

If a customer contacts you in relation to an order managed by Amazon related to delivery, payments, or refunds, it is always necessary to direct the customer to our Customer Service. Since the order is Fulfilled by Amazon, we will take the complete responsibility of the order.

— U.S. and Canada: 1-888-280-4331
— International: 1-206-922-0880

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customers can contact Customer Service through the Contact Us link found on any Help page: