Anyone else getting 45 + day invoice orders.

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Had this happen a few times but it is getting more and more. You open a case with Amazon and they tell you too bad.

Business is hurting and I am getting to the point where not getting paid for $4000 in orders for more than 30 days may mean having to put personal funds into the business until I get paid.

They seem to be giving us more and more of a raw deal.

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I have not seen it but my cash flow is OK so I don’t really look to be honest.

Amazon is ‘buying business’ at YOUR (our) expense, and yes, they figure it’s perfectly fine because the peons can’t do anything except leave and there are 1000 more waiting in line thanks to TikTok and YouTube videos about getting rich here.

BUT, since you just HAD to make me look :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Yes, we have long noticed that some of our institutional & government buyers have been extended NET45, NET60, or NET90 terms by Amazon, despite published policy for Invoiced Orders having once (and for many years, until that was recently removed) specified only NET30.

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Yeah I saw the net 30 terms are gone and it just says 7 days after the due date.

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Asked about it in this post…

The Mod was not sure, so I guess there is nothing official in writing somewhere that mentions how far terms can go.

How long do business get to pay invoices deferred orders


Opacity, Thy Name Be Amazon.

Amazon, making up the rules after the game has been played.

I checked the help pages after this.

Once again they were edited without warning.

It used to say net 30 terms. It now says “for example net 30 terms”

Not trying to be political but yet another example of why Amazon needs to be regulated.


Needing oversight to prevent assholery is not political.

Amazon’s ability to change any rule at any time, without any warning or any notice to Sellers, but still immediately hold Sellers accountable to the change without opt in/out, is abject assholery.

Yes, I agreed to it–but it was coercive and exploitative, and not ok. What equivalent choice do we have, for e-comm sales channels? None.


I don’t see this as a political comment.

I see this as a statement that Amazon has become so big that it doesn’t know what it is doing itself. And when it does something wrong, there are no consequences (for itself)



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It’s an official term. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The definition is vague, but you know it when you see it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The folks running Amazon Business would not meet their numbers if they did not offer extended terms, and we all know how Amazon holds their employees accountable for their metrics.

Way back in the 1987 recession, my corporate buyers were taking 60 - 90 days to pay.

We collecting sales tax for Massachusetts on a quarterly basis. Massachusetts changed to monthly collection and the sales tax on our invoices was due before we were paid. The effects on our cash flow added insult to injury.

As if I did not hate the concept of being an unpaid tax collector enough.

As for my customer’s slow payments, I did get some revenge. One of my customers went around me to my supplier for some items they were reselling. That supplier enforced their Net 30 terms religiously. They would not accept any orders from any customer who was in arrears on payment. My customer would place 2/3 of their orders with us, and pay us our full profit, when the supplier would not ship to them. We drop shipped the orders to them and made what would be considered a usorious interest rate.


I’m sorry, I’m going to need to see this in a properly formatted PoA please

Same. I don’t keep an eye on it because when I get paid, it’s like Christmas. (I know, but don’t make me think about it.) Anyway, 3/10 orders on the first page are at 45+ days.

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That’s odd you would have to remit a tax that had not been collected from the buyer.

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I never have to remit taxes because Amazon collects and remits it for us. @Thelunatick, why do you have to remit sales tax?

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Business is hurting and I am getting to the point where not getting paid for $4000 in orders for more than 30 days may mean having to put personal funds into the business until I get paid.

In a pinch, you can opt to get your money immediately for a 1.5% fee. It won’t do anything about the existing invoices, but once you change your settings, you’ll be paid immediately (minus the 1.5% fee) for any future ones.

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I haven’t since they made Amazon collect tax for us. We used to back in the day, even when Amazon told us we had to build the sales tax into the cost of the item. Well actually we didn’t I figured we could reasonably argue that Amazon was responsible for collecting sales tax as we had no direct contact with the buyer for payment. We got paid by Amazon and just told where to ship it. We had no idea where the buyer was. It never became an issue.

Oh, wait. I think it was someone else discussing sales tax. It wasn’t you.