Are they tinkering with the way payments and account level reserve works?

So I’m one of the lucky ones that when I started my account back in 2019 I have the ability to request funds pretty much any time there are funds available NOW.

Or at least that was the case until This week???

Normally my disbursements happen every two weeks unless I request them sooner. I normally leave it to happen on Mondays.
Last one was on the 8th. Normally I don’t worry much about checking the payments too frequently. During the busy time of year, especially if I need to invest in more supplies or something, I might request payment every week.
But then just randomly doing the regular quick click through of all the regular things to check for anomaly (inventory, orders, account health, payments etc) I noticed that the Funds available NOW part of the payments page is greyed out and all 0.
Hum, that is odd, since normally a few days after disbursement it will usually come back up to a pittance amount but still enough to make a request if I wanted to.
I haven’t had a bunch of shipping charges or advertising or other things that would have eaten up all the available funds as far as I can see. The account level reserve is only 1/3rd of my balance?
Have they taken away my ability to request funds now? Or is something else going on?
Anyone else who normally has the ability to request funds at will seeing anything that looks odd to them?

Anyone else who normally has the ability to request funds at will seeing anything that looks odd to them?

I have the ability to disburse on demand, and all looks normal.

Do you have a positive balance in the ‘Total Balance’ column?

Have you had any A to Z claims that might be typing up your balance? Have you checked the transaction view for the current settlement period?

Try changing the drop-down selection from Funds Available “Now” to Funds Available “At Settlement End” and see if there’s a balance. That should tell you if the problem is with disburse on demand, or a lack of funds for some reason.

Yea, I checked most of this.
Total balance is more than 3 times what the current reserve amount is. There is only like $18 in deferred payments from a business invoice.
No A to Z
Nothing showing negative on any of my Account health other than one of my products only shows as Good on it’s NIX score as compared to Great for everything else.

For Funds available at settlement end it gives me my current “net proceeds”

By my calculation, even if I add together my previous reserve plus the current reserve plus the deferred amount, and subtract all that from the current total, There should be an amount available NOW. Not enough that I would actually request it now but I don’t like that it is showing me 0 available now.

I’m not seeing anything strange in the transaction view.

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For Funds available at settlement end it gives me my current “net proceeds”

OK, so you see the same dollar amount in these three places?

But the amount changes to zero when you change the Funds available drop-down box to NOW?

I don’t have an account reserve, so the only time I see different numbers is if funds are being held temporarily while an A to Z is under review. Have you checked your A to Z page (not Account Health)?

Menu… Performance… A to Z Claims.

As soon as an A to Z is filed, I believe the funds are temporarily held while it’s under review. Those don’t show up yet on your Account Health, they won’t appear there until the claim’s been decided. But the amount should be included in the Account Level Reserve section of your payments screen.

Also double-check you haven’t accidentally changed the data you’re viewing to a different time period.

By my calculation, even if I add together my previous reserve plus the current reserve plus the deferred amount, and subtract all that from the current total, There should be an amount available NOW.

Isn’t this all spelled out on the Payments Statement View page for you? Sales minus expenses minus amount held in reserve equals Net Proceeds? My view may be overly simplistic, as I don’t advertise, use FBA, or have a reserve, but I “assume” (I could be wrong) that any of those amounts would be reflected in the three main categories (sales, expenses, reserve).

If everything adds up and your Net Proceeds number looks right, but your available NOW box shows something different, I can only think it might be an A to Z or chargeback that’s currently under review temporarily locking your funds from being available. I guess it’s possible that Amazon took away your ability to disburse now, but that doesn’t seem too likely. If they made a habit of doing that to people, I’m sure we would have heard about it.

If you can’t find a transaction to explain the difference, give it a few more days and see if your increasing funds eventually cause a positive balance in the available NOW section.

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No issues here…sill have it

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Yea, been checking all those things. No A to Z claims.

At least today they are showing $64.17 available now. I’m having difficulty figuring out why that number wasn’t $70.84 (which would be the total of standard orders minus the previous reserve and current reserve combined.)
And I suppose it could always be that there was a return, but they usually just subtract that from my Total as the refund transaction takes place. Or if it was causing the Reserve amount to go up, well it seems to me that should be transparent to see as well.

Anyway, not actually a MAJOR concern by any means, I just thought it was odd not to see ANY funds available as of yesterday since there is often enough available to make taking a weekly disbursement reasonable at least usually until we hit June, (but then again, climate change means spring planting season seems to be getting shorter and shorter every year. My planting season here in FL seems to be getting shorter every year. 2012 through 2016 I was growing lettuce year round right on through summer, floating on water under shade cloth of course. Last few years I’ve been having to give up on Lettuce earlier and earlier each spring and am not able to get it growing well later and later each fall. Peak season is now January through March when I think it used to be October through June.)

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Curious, when your funds available “Now” displays positive, and all is working as it should,

HOW do you request funds? Is there a link, or a button click, or what?

Very curious, can you screen print where it happens?

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Thanks. So that is the little golden goose I somehow missed out on.

Payouts vs Nots
I started in 2015 and never had.

So side by side… (at least since 18 months of this new layout)

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Strange that’s a good 3+ years before I had my account (sometime mid to late 2018 iirc) - also were you always FBA?

I think there was a stretch of time 2018-2020 time frame where Some, though not all, new accounts were getting the ability to request disbursements whenever there were funds available. I was luckily in that group too.

here is what mine looks like today.


So that is the little golden goose I somehow missed out on.

Since I have the ability to disburse on demand, I have two entries in the ‘Funds Available’ drop-down box - Now, and At Settlement End. Both numbers are the same, since I don’t have a reserve.


Do those of you who don’t have it also have both options, and your balance goes to 0.00 if you choose Now, or do you only have the At Settlement End option, and no drop-down box?

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What do the numbers show in the lower section of the page next to the chart?
Sales minus Expenses minus Account Reserve should equal Funds Available.

Do they add up to $64.17, $70.84, or something else? Where are you getting the $70.84 figure from that you think the amount should be?

Did you try going line by line through the transaction view for the current settlement period? If you add up each of the line items in the total column, that should equal the Funds Available balance too. The difference (70.84 - 64.17) is $6.67, that could be a return shipping label. If that’s it, you should be able to find it in the transaction view.

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This … :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

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again, no disbursement option.

I have the “Now” and “Settlement End” dropdown.

Selecting either - same results (not zero)

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I have both the drop down options… just doesn’t have a ‘Request Payment’ button. Both ‘Now’ and ‘At Settlement End’ options display the same net proceeds amount (not $0.00).

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Now we are up to this.
Looks like as the Previous “reserve” gets released the total will come up I guess. It was just odd that it stayed at 0 for so long since it usually comes up by a day or so worth of sales by a day or two after disbursement.

I had gone through searching for any charge I could find to see if anything added up to the $6.67 amount but didn’t find anything like that so it is hard to say why that difference.

The previous reserve amount plus sales minus expenses gives the Total and then subtract the current reserve amount and that give the NET amount available at settlement end.

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Ditto here. Old account; no reserve; have always had the “pay on demand” ability. The default in the drop down is “Now”

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I’m sure Amazon is just doing some house keeping in order to apply an update to allow customers to tip for their 3PS FBA purchases…

Started on 2013 - Never had either.

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