[BGR] Amazon product listings are about to get a lot more confusing

Amazon’s official announcement: Amazon launches generative AI to help sellers write product descriptions - September 13, 2023

Amazon product listings are about to get a lot more confusing

generative AI like ChatGPT is still really inconsistent and has a tendency to make things up. In a world where many sellers are already abusing Amazon’s listing system with nonsensical descriptions, this opens the door for terrible products to gain even more traction.

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Hopefully this will be an option with seller’s agreement to modify the listing and not something does this without our knowledge or approval for existing listings

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LR72 showed us what early access looked like here. It should just be a “tool” but god only knows if they’ll implement a bot to “help” us along the way. Maybe this will be the 2023 Q4 blunder :grimacing:


I tried it and it was about as satisfying as opening a Tootsie Roll Wrapper and finding something other than a Tootsie Roll inside.

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There are some interesting responses to the News Headline-accompanying discussion @ https: //sellercentral.amazon.com/seller-forums/discussions/t/c8f09ce24e01a018e2b286f19cb45de4; there will probably be more as word spreads…

I strongly suspect that this will get out of hand, probably right-quickly. Given the likely seeding sources for the LLM, can IP Infringement complaints be far behind?


What really worries me is this statement about improving existing listings:
“We’ll use AI to automatically generate missing attributes, and improve titles, bullet points, and descriptions, based on insights and metrics in Amazon’s catalog.”

Are we going to be notified about the AI “improvements”? Do we have to constantly checking our listing pages to see if there is any unwanted change, and spend time to change them back? :frowning_face:


At least 3 times a week I have to submit a case to have an item taken out of Grocery & Gourmet because the tool/flat file is locked. They can’t lock it from the bot that changes it though. :upside_down_face: Every new “improvement” is a slap in the face for sellers.


Thank you for that link from @LR72 's thread! Some important commentary from that convo, IMHO:

Let me preface this with “I’m a Xennial”–but just because a computer does it, doesn’t mean it’s better.

I think wise ecom business owners should not hand their copy or their data fields to AI. @ModernSwitch makes the best case for consulting AI but not relying on AI at this time.

And honestly, whenever Amazon so giddily pats themself on the back for a “feature” for their “partners,” I now reflexively start positioning my back near emergency exits, pre-dialing 911, and sending location alerts to my loved ones.


This is going to be commonplace.

Ebay is testing an AI based lister that will create a listing from a photo of an item with a limited number of sellers. It is also testing displaying AI generated descriptions on the Ebay app in place of the seller’s description.

It is going to be hard to keep AI from interfering with selling online. The lower level employees at tech companies want to be in on the latest and greatest technology.

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…but hopefully not best practice, ubiquitous, or fruitful. :grimacing:

I won’t use the Amazon one, but admit I love using it via the Shopify interface (Erank has it now too) to help kickstart some of my listing descriptions. I have a lot of very, very similar products and differentiating them gets tedious.

I will typically input a few keywords, see what it kicks out, then rewrite it to sound like me - while eliminating the words that AI LOVES to use over and over (Introducing, Charming, etc.).


Yikes…Stop enriching me!!!
What if there are multiple seller on a listing who gets to review the changes or even have the ability to correct bad changes?

We’ll also enrich your existing listings to ensure your products have all the details that customers want, to help you drive more sales. We’ll use AI to automatically generate missing attributes, and improve titles, bullet points, and descriptions, based on insights and metrics in Amazon’s catalog. You’ll be able to review any changes, and make edits if desired.

This capability will be available to you soon. Stay tuned for updates.

Everyone wants an AI program that will do everything their best paid employee can do, just faster and cheaper.

What they get is an employee who failed the reading comprehension section of the SAT, but who still has all the confidence of a god.


Hey, that happened to me, too. But only once, thank the Lord. Dunno why it was suddenly in Grocery.

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