Bots going wild again?

I keep having my listings “temporarily suspended” for a “violation of listing policies”
I only gotten 1 violation for an item (a economy stethoscope that was identified as an “electronic stethoscope”). Fortunately I was able to make Amazon see reason that a $18 stethoscope is not electronic and the least expensive electronic stethoscope is $150. However it took 3 weeks to convince them.

It obviously has negatively impacted my sales as this has been happening every week for 4 months.

Anyone else having these issues?


We ourselves have not suffered something similar (at least, not in the past several years), but our friend @Sundance is among those members of our Seller Community who has some horror stories to tell about poorly-parameterized Amabots, such as here:

It’s a never-ending battle.


This product has been identified as an unapproved product that does not meet the FDA’s labeling requirements. Amazon policy prohibits the sale of products marketed to U.S. consumers that are labeled only in a foreign language or that do not meet FDA labeling requirements.

67 Showed up today - all Bigen & Loreal Hair Color


I highly doubt that L’Oreal labels don’t meet FDA requirements :woman_facepalming: