Brand Tailored Promotions (BTP)

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I have a question about BTP if you don’t mind. Do you run any coupons while you are running BTP? Do they stack? I keep getting mixed information about the discounts and if they will or will not stack with coupons. At Amazon Accerlate they kept guaranteeing that they would not stack with any other promotion, however, when you look at the FAQ it says they do.

Will you run BTP with your Prime Day deals (if you are running any) or no to not risk a high discount?

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Haven’t seen it happen. Amazon tells us it won’t. It is very confusing though the way it’s written here… The segments in BTP don’t overlap so maybe it will. LOL

No, it’s been worked into our promotional calendar strategically now. We are only a couple weeks into this.

Guess Amazon moved some seller support people to the event for Q&A. Pretty sad.

Yes, running deals. Yes / No on BTP. Keeping Cart Abandoner / At Risk segments going. You want to try and get those customers. IDK what you sell but we are in commodities with a high reorder rate. For us, it’s cost of acquiring that customer and it’s worth it and still cheap / profitable.

Again, this is all new to us so we are aggressively testing everything over the next 90 days to come up with a final plan for 2024.


Which audience did you test?



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Thanks for your insights!

Lol yeah. I was invited to go by the SAS core team and I didn’t get pretty much any of my questions directly answered. The event was kind of fun though. It was nice talking to other sellers at least.

This is what I am seeing from FAQs, so I guess I am going to stop running coupons and run promos that have claim codes.

I tried one BTP with cart abandoners and it has been effective so far. Just trying to plan for Prime day so things don’t get crazy discounted and out of control.

Love this strategy. This is what I try to do as well.


Here is a quick link to the BTP Info Page on Amazon

and specifically the COMBINABILITY of the BTP

Some of my products are in a Deal and Coupons. Will the Tailored promotion stack over regular deal price?

Tailored promotions may combine with other unrestricted promotions, deals and coupons. All the tailored promotions will be set as ‘Preferential’ meaning that if there are multiple preferential claim codes, the most beneficial promotion is applied. Tailored promotions will however combine with all promotions without claim codes and all ‘Unrestricted’ promotions. For more information, go to claim codes and combinability.


I have all of them turned on and at the CPA - it’s worth it

The only thing is I hope it doesn’t overlap with Prime Day or BF and CM

But fully expecting amazon to fuq me in the :peach:

Since those are price based promotions, they will likely stack.

They will also stack with subscribe and save for sure if you’re using that.

We’re obsessed with customer acquisition right now so don’t care… It’s still in the black anyway.

The purpose of a business is to be profitable. Maybe the Mods should share that simple advice on the forum…


On my better account:

At Risk (13K)
Potential New (5k)
Cart Abandoners (18K)

By far, the cart people are the best which is exciting if they truly abandoned for a period of time that’s longer, than let’s say a week… The definition is within 90 days and haven’t purchased within a year.

Second best is At risk

Distant 3rd is potential new

We are going to test more on this account and I am doing everything I can on my other account but some of the audiences are under 1000 there so they are locked out.


Can’t edit because it’s been too long…

Seems that the bigger the audience, the better you’ll do. Size does matter.


That’s what “they” said.

With all due respect, it is NOT the size that counts…

It is HOW your product PERFORMS


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the motion in the amazocean



I got in early and was able to make BTP for all categories except for one. They changed the eligibility requirements, so now I’m only qualified for 3 of the BTPs. However, the ones I had set up before show active (though not catching any fish). I can keep them active by editing the end date.

So far, my most successful category is brand cart abandoners, followed by potential new customers and promising (in that order).

I will confess to being a “cart abandoner” only in that I add to cart but will build up an order to avoid multiple little orders, if I don’t need something soon.

Just to say that because we don’t immediately purchase, doesn’t really mean that we abandoned.

So you might want to take that success with a bit of salt and focus your BTPs on the “potential new customers,” and see how that goes.

Just a thought, feel free to ignore!


Yup, that’s a VERY valid concern. Amazon has a very loose definition here. They REALLY should put a date range here. If it’s less than 7 days, I have no interest in participating.

With that said, it certainly seems to be an incremental program for us overall, adding an additional 13 days to the calendar year in sales. Early estimate based on ~3 weeks of data. I’m a data person - like crazy data - real data, not “consultant data” lol.

I’m watching it closely and viewing every single order we get, one by one to see who’s getting these discounts…


Customers who have added any of your brand products to their cart in the last 90 days but haven’t bought yet

Ooh, then I have broken so many brand hearts! There are several reasons that I “add to cart” but don’t intend to purchase, possibly ever:

  1. To then put in “save for later” to get price increase/decrease messages
  2. To remind me to share that product with someone else
  3. To check availability/shipping times
  4. To compare prices and delivery times on similar products
  5. To actually save for later
  6. To actually purchase at some point
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