Changing the Homepage Again.

" Welcome to a New Homepage. We’ve updated the experience and would like to hear your thoughts. (Leave feedback here)"

Amazon and their “new experiences” :crazy_face:

Not a significant change, but there is a toggle switch to revert to the old page; this new one may be slightly better.



I toggled it off da fuq do I need larger windows for all the nonsenical tiles which were at least organized - more useless time and money well spent



So, if it is always new, it must be AWESOME!


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New Feature!
Try our beta feature to hide communication and recommendation cards into the collapsible section at the end of the page.

Completely agree!!

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Total waste of time with no gain…WHY?


Some people avoided Amazon layoffs, by demonstrating work product.

You & I know this. But it sounds freaking awesome, as written in the “don’t fire us because we do important work” memo the sent to AJ.

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Nothing you asked for, everything you already said you don’t need.


I found this intriguing

Unfortunately they forgot to add the information about HOW to actually HIDE the recommendations!!! I can go to the empty Hidden box at the bottom of the page but it doesn’t seem to let me move anything into it!!!


My guess is they are probably not done with messing around with it…

I reverted back, and I was able to hide the widget.

Maybe the boxes will stay hidden now, so I don’t have to keep hiding them ‘temporarily’… :face_with_peeking_eye:

All they’ve done on the new homepage is create even more boxes to put the boxes in.


This is why I have some hope for this page. Honestly, with a few edits it could be at least a lot better than hot garbage we have now.


I agree.
The layout seems better and much neater so at least they didn’t make it worse.

I’m going to give it a few days before providing feedback to Amz, not sure if they even review them but it’s possible.


I wasn’t expecting this NEW homepage… and while the screen was spinning I saw and word “Action” and almost panicked thinking it was going to show deactivated … :laughing: :laughing: :sweat_smile:


That’s funny, and I can totally relate; to that moment when you first go on and something is different.
I’m not an anxious person by nature, but somehow Amazon has managed to take many of us over to the edge and back… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Oh nice. When I first started hiding things, it wasn’t good because it kept the communications narrow and running down off the bottom of the page so I hid even more and then I had all the boxes narrow. but then I went back and added another card back into the communications box and cool, they are now side by side!!! And it all fits on one page without having to scroll to the bottom!!!

When I first joined, 2019 I recall the seller central dashboard was somewhat customizable and you could adjust where the widgets were and which ones you wanted to see. AND you could see things like todays sales, 7 day sales etc. without having to click on anything (still miss that.)

Then the dashboard has gone through several iterations over the past 3 or so years since I’ve been here. So I guess the story was they needed to remove all customization before they could start dribbling it back in (first the customizable favorites bar) and now being able to Hide the annoying cards into a box further down the page maybe?
I can’t count the temporary hide card function as helpful customization because it simply meant the page was going to be re-arranged on you on a daily basis so you would never know where to look to see the desired information. Seriously, I missed an order by looking at the main dashboard page because they had that card down below the fold one day instead of at the top!!!

Sigh, I’m not holding out much hope since even the changes that seem good, only seem that way in comparison to the previous situation as seeing everything still takes extra clicks now compared to when I first started.


NSFE concensus

Tiff, stop up voting your own posts! :rofl:


This is what I had to say over there


Actually enjoying being in the Emergency Room at Hospital.

Factitious disorder (previously called Munchausen syndrome) is a serious mental disorder.

Liking ability to hide cards, but saying “I really like the new layout”. That’s more like Stockholm Syndrome.

Not a doctor

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In my feedback comments I said “Bring back the old home page from 4 years ago”.


Darn, I have this mole you see…

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Ut oh…what are they doing next?

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