Charge method glitch?

Ok, a new one today: 5 minutes after manually requesting a disbursement I got an email telling me that the request was cancelled due to invalid charge method on file (valid credit card, verified a couple months ago during INFORM, valid until 2027, plenty of credit available, same card I´ve been using for at least 5 years now, no issues).

Seller central shows “limited” account, and prompts me to update charge method. I do, and get same error. Change it again to original one, and it works.

PS. I´m not able to request disbursement again today. How convenient.

I´ve seen a couple topics on the forum with the same issue, not sure if triggered by a request.

Anyone else´s having this issue today?

I´m not able to request disbursement again today. How convenient.

Each time you request disbursement, even if it fails, you won’t be able to request another one for 24 hours. I just had this problem - only in my case, my c/c had just expired - and I had to wait a day, but the next disbursement went through fine.

5 minutes after manually requesting a disbursement I got an email telling me that the request was cancelled due to invalid charge method on file

Amazon checks your payment method each time they initiate a disbursement. If the card fails, they halt the disbursement. Given the amount of fraud we see from some overseas sellers, they may only do this to those in the U.S. :unamused:

If your card is fine though, you shouldn’t have had a problem. Weird that you did. You might try checking all the cards you have on file, if there’s more than one. Was there any attempt to accidentally use an invalid (such as expired) card recently, possibly on the buyer’s side?

It’s possible this could have triggered Amazon to consider that the default card to check for your next disbursement.

Amazon isn’t very smart, it doesn’t seem. You’d think that when you told them ‘my card is X’, they’d set it as X and leave it alone until you told them something different. Sometimes though, they think they know better than you and will change something and mess you all up.

Hopefully, all will be good and you can disburse tomorrow.


Thanks, Roxy! No problems on the buyer side, other than a cancelled order that Amazon didn’t shipped for a week, even when it was 2-day prime. After chatting with them 2 times, they cancelled the order and refunded. That’s the only “weird” thing that happened in the last month on the buyer side. No idea if that has something to do, but definitely, the charge method (and all cards on file) are valid, unexpired and available. Let’s see if today it works :unamused:

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Shockingly that’s “normal” for “weird”, that should NOT have any effect on your seller account


You’ve already done the same thing I would have done, delete card and re-add. My only other advise would be to add a different card (If you have one)


I’ve seen several of these myself over in the NSFE in the last few days, including this newest one where our friend @Tvoi asked the most-pertinent question:

https: //

And this one from yesterday:

https: //

I suspect that the problems cropping up might be another Amabots Gone Wild situation, perhaps tied to Amazon’s ongoing issues with implementing its INFORM Act gatekeeping mechanisms.

This last one is interesting, considering my card is also CapitalOne :thinking:. Again, been using it for years, with no issues at all. Used it yesterday for an unrelated transaction, and worked as usual.

I think you maybe on the right track regarding some kind of gatekeeping. Let’s wait for tonight, so I can try to request a disbursement again, and see if I get the same situation again (hope not!!).

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Just woke up this morning to the same issue with a valid credit card that I have been using for years being flagged as invalid. Not surprisingly enough, my credit card is also from Capital One. Luckily I had another credit card that seem to have gone through and got full access back into my account. I’m still trying to figure out why this happened especially with a big bank such as Capital One. Usually when a charge is declined I get an email and a text message from Capital One informing me of a declined transaction. I got nothing from them in regards to Amazon. There is nothing pending in my credit card account in reference to Amazon . Definitely a strange occurrence.

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With my not-so extensive knowledge in the programming area, I’m venturing to think that somewhere in the code, someone made a stupid mistake, such as “Capital One” instead of “capitalone” (or viceversa, depending on how the database was created on the first place) that’s messing with the validation. :unamused: Now, to see when/if they will even take a look at it, considering there has been a lot of reports in these last days, and both mods and SSR just copy and paste the charge method requirements, and consider the issue solved.


We have a Capital One card on file with deposits going into a checking account.
Standard deposits (the bi-weekly thing)
We have had no problems with deposits
The card shows as verified.
Advertising is charged to card.

There must be another common denominator to the issue.

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We have had no problems with deposits

Curious if you have had a deposit initiate within the last 2-3 days, which seems to be when the problem started?


Coming up soon … :thinking:



Tried to manually request a disbursement again today… This time, only requested from the invoiced balance, just in case. Again, same error a few minutes later. Changed payment method to another mastercard, invalid again.

Changed it to a Visa card I had on file, and the banner went away. Initiated the disbursement on the standard orders, and it worked.

It looks like the issue is with mastercard :woozy_face: (again, all the cards on file are valid, credit cards, not expired, and with available credit).

Interesting. The Capital One card that got marked as invalid was also a Mastercard. Only when I changed it to a Visa card did it work. You might be on to something…

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It looks like the issue is with mastercard :woozy_face:

Boy, Amazon can make enemies with anyone. :laughing:

Very clever of you to try the invoiced orders first. Impressive detective skills you have there. :+1:


LOL After almost a decade selling on Amazon, most of us develop detective skills, sixth sense (to “feel” when something business-crippling is brewing) , mind reading (specially if you have frequent contact with SS), insomnia ("hey, tomorrow when I try to log in, will my account be still there?), paranoia (phone chimes - message received “now what??? another customer trying to scam me??? or maybe Amazon telling me my account has been deactivated…again?? Oh, wait, it’s just another target mailer”) and PTSD. My therapist has a new Tesla thanks to Amazon. :pleading_face:


@BridgesBuilder, is your Visa also CapitalOne?

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Nope. Just saw on the NSF another seller having an issue with a Mastercard too…not sure if their´s is CapitalOne. :thinking:

Mine is a Visa and will be able to verify as a no issue by Monday.

Cool! If your CapitalOne Visa goes through, and since @BridgesBuilder’s non-CapitalOne Visa has gone through, it would seem that CapitalOne is just be a coincidental red herring* for the MasterCards…though it’s odd that all MasterCards aren’t glitching.

*OMITB concluded this week. :wink:

Verified … Capital One Visa bi-weekly deposit executed with no issues.