Deal Fees Were Charged Today

Was super fun seeing my balance go down a few G’s

Just a heads up.

For the BFCM deals? :confused:

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Was it really worth it? PED’s are free and just as effective on big days at Amazon IMO.

What were they charging for deals again? $1500 each right? That’s insane and 5X more than any other time of the year. AND BTW - SAS won’t cover those deals during BF/CM. The cover them any other time of the year.

But seriously, did you get a good bang for your buck?

  1. Because my margins were cut by significant chunk when the size tiers took effect I essentially used it as a rank maintenance/defense strategy.

  2. In this regard, I spent less and sold more vs spending more and selling less and gained rank vs competition thus feeding the algo.

  3. Having said that, I did drop about 4 places in my sub node thereafter but that again is in line with my spend less approach at the moment to protect margins.

  4. So did I make money? No. It was a wash, but had I not done this I would have lost rank and then have to outspend competition to be at present rank

  5. There are a few other tidbits that are too much to elaborate here but briefly Tiktok awareness campaigns have started - so currently building LL audience to retarget and then we’ll see what happens

  6. Also have editorials running which is part of the external traffic drive

  7. 5 and 6 are all consuming so obviously I have an agency doing it - vetted a few and its not hard to see who is overpromising and to pick out those that don’t and are reasonably priced.

  8. I will do it again next year and by that time, Hopefully, all things including marketing will be refined and smooth like the freshly waxed crack of a Brazilian waxed human/person (or slightly more permanent so laser) :slight_smile:

I’m trying long term in almost everything and it’s hard asf. Thank God I’m on TRT otherwise, I would succumb to physiological stressors and cave.

Have I said enough? No.

There is so much left unsaid.

Hope that helped some.

PS - Worth it? This is such a nebulous realm. So I made a bit. Higher than wash but when you consider the sell thru vs restock vs cash withheld (even on terms) to over order and then follow up with over ordering - it’s super cap intensive and so from solely financial POV - it isn’t but that is not how the game is played. Enter the defense stategy. Hope that clarifies some.


YESSS because

And this is part of those Amazon advertising subtleties that too many Sellers either ignore or are ignorant of. Not every Seller needs to promote or advertise with Amazon, but most Sellers aren’t even operating on that level.

Thanks for sharing @Tried_Tested


Excellent info and strategy. I like it!