Detail Page Removed

Hello! I am coming across this on a few ASIN’s where it was once active and listed and now says “detail page removed”. How can I recover that ASIN and reactivate to list?

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If you throw the ASIN into the check tool does it tell you why it was removed?

Haven’t ever used the check tool-where is that? There is a “fix” tab, but when I click on it, there is no issue to fix.

That fix tab should be the tool (If I remember correctly)

Ok, so if there is nothing to fix, how can this be “fixed”?

Great question, Not my area of expertise, so I’ll let some others chime in. Could it be categorized as hazmat or prohibited or anything?

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Nope, it’s a chair. We have a few and would love to figure out how to fix it.

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What is the “issue description” found on the following page?


This detail page was removed for potential policy violations. Visit the account health dashboard for more information. Yet, when I click the fix button, this is what shows up:

Product Policy Compliance

[Leave feedback](javascript:openModalDialog('/gp/satisfaction/survey-form.html?HMDName=SPERF_HMD_DASHBOARD&fromUrl=dp-product-policies%27,%20350,%20530,%20%27scrollbars=yes%27))

Product Policy Violations: 0

October 22, 2022 - April 19, 2023

Target: 0 Issues

Amazon policies maintain a store that is safe for buyers and fair to sellers. Violations of these policies may result in content removal or account deactivation. Below is a record of all listings associated with your account that violate Amazon policy. View a full list of our policies for more detail.

Is it located on the following page?

Server Busy in the “detail page removed” section?


Did you create this listing yourself?

As far as I can remember, yes. I do not see any other listings for this chair.

What shows up under “reason” in the “reason/change date” column?

Add Filters

Applied Filters:

Sort bySort by

Date: Most recent - oldest



What was impacted?


Action Taken

Account Health Rating Impact

Next Steps

Zero product policy violations

You do not currently have any product policy violations.

ok, that’s strange. Maybe it was a manual yank?


It should say something like “other issue” and give you a time frame for when the listing was removed.

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it says: Detail Page removed 3 months ago.

No title



Condition: New

Detail Page Removed

3 months ago

This detail page was removed for potential policy violations. Visit the account health dashboard for more information.


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Open a case with Amazon and ask them why it was removed.

I can’t find the item anywhere, where did you get the UPC for the item and how long ago was the listing created?


From the manufacturer.