Did Amazon change the way to view all repeat orders of a specific customer?

I have a customer emailed me about her disappointment in the item. It didn’t work as the previous two that she purchased 1.5 years ago. I’m considering sending her a replacement if she actually ordered two before (as an appreciation). She only gave me the order of the last one (the third and disappointed one). Amazon used to show all repeat orders that a customer ordered. I could no longer see the repeat orders. How to find them? Please advise. Thanks.

As far as I am aware, nothing has changed in terms of viewing past orders. From the order details page of the current order, you should be able to navigate to previous orders.

I get 1-2 buyers a week asking me about orders they placed with other vendors, not realizing that I am not the same seller. Is it possible this is the case with your buyer?


I can still see previous orders, is it possible she purchased them from another seller or off of Amazon?

Reposting as I made an oopsie. When viewing the order detail page, you should be able to see any repeat orders under the customer’s name.
Screenshot 2023-07-28 125039


It still the same:

still shows


In a situation like that (and I have had them) I send the buyer a message letting them know that

“There are multiple ‘third party sellers’ on listings and I did a search of my records, and went through thousands of orders. I could only find the one recent order from you. Is it possible you ordered under a different name or address and I can’t locate it? Or, years of experience selling on Amazon suggests that you purchased previous items from other sellers and got us confused with one of them. If you look at your order history on Amazon it will show you the name of each seller. I’m sorry that you were disappointed with this purchase.”

Hey, I can deflect blame as much as Amazon can and maybe better!


Generally-speaking, the phenomenon you’re describing is an indication that the member of the Amazon Buyer Community who has contacted you in this regard typically falls into one of two categorizations:

  1. They’ve changed their Buyer Account details in such a fashion that their Amazon-anonymized email address has undergone a change.

  2. They are endeavouring to leverage one of the multiple scamming-advice posts which have proliferated via both The `Net and word of mouth over the last dozen years and more.

The CX folks who handle Customer Service for this SoA Account made me aware of a similar discrepancy being shown via similar assertions in a BS-M (“Buyer-Seller Messaging Service” aka “Buyer-Seller Messenger”) contact of 12Jul2023, so I dredged up MWS API-derived archived data of Repeat Customers; early indications for the 17-digit Order ID in question there are that the former scenario might be more likely than the latter.

Nonetheless, the PII Initiative-prompted switch from the MWS API to the SP-API cannot (yet) be discounted as a factor, so I’ve got our people running a series of test purchases to see if I can’t confirm whether or not there has indeed been a sea-change in how previous purchases are displayed on this or that Dashboard GUI/Report associated with Manage Orders.

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There is a cut off to the “See all X orders from this buyer”. We have a customer who has ordered 29 times over the years. None of the older orders are linked into the “See all X orders”.

If you are not seeing the linked orders from 1.5 years ago, it could be that the buyer changed the email address associated with the account or it could be as @maintak said

Another Note: We just did a search of the email system using the order number for our old repeat buyer. The email exchanges between us and this customer have been purge from the Amazon system. This would further document that older orders will fail to link over time as they get dropped from the email address linking them to newer orders.


Any idea how old orders have to be before they get dropped?

I don’t think in this case they drop off. I have had some show up where the most recent ‘other purchase’ was a couple years old.

For many years, we ourselves could see such association stretching as far back as seven years.

Certain of the tweakings of the Brand Registry Program’s & Affiliate/Associate Program’s various Repeat Buyer-tracking functionalities in recent years & months - perhaps in combination with Amazon’s long-time penchant for reducing overhead costs by throttling access to this or that of its far-flung & poorly-administered Enterprise Domain-hosted databases - could be playing a role in the phenomenon being discussed in this thread.

We can verify over 7 years is gone. Up to 3 years, we can say that they still link up (See all X orders).

We will have to research to see between 3 and 7.


I’m going to guess that the number will shrink dramatically if the post from today carries over to that part of the system.

It’s Amazon and I have no idea what silo connects to what other silo.

“Orders older than two years to be archived starting in September”


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Which means the past emails with customers will follow the same path. Interesting that this thread was happening today and Amazon unknowingly pops up on NSFE with the answer as it will apply to the “See all X orders” too.

So … the answer will be 2 years starting in September 2023 (if not there already).


I’d submit that it’s possible for even the fabled ‘Most Casual Of Observers’ to make a convincingly-compelling case that Amazon itself has lost track of the bureaucratic infrastructure:


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That’s not long enough.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

But no response from Bryce of course.

This is still shown on the Order Reports page:

This report provides order and order item information for both FBA and seller-fulfilled orders including order status, sales and fulfillment channel information, and item details. This report includes all orders since 2016, regardless of their order status. You may access older report data through the Archived Orders report. Each All Orders report download allows you to download data for a 30-day interval. You may retrieve data for multiple months through additional downloads. As both FBA and seller-fulfilled orders are included, this report enables you to monitor and analyze demand across fulfillment and sales channels.

The Archived Orders tab shows:

The Archived Orders Report can be used to obtain order information in report format for orders older than 1/1/2016. You can only request an Archived Orders Report on month by month basis.

So I assume that Archived status does not mean inaccessible. I can access reports of orders back to when I started selling.

I hope the ‘two years’ statement only means that more recent orders will join the archives, but will still be available in a report upon request.

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Actually, it appears the archives go back to 1995; much further back than my selling account.


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Yes, and the Archived Order Reports (link) Dashboard has displayed that range since its 10Aug2017 introduction, heralded in a no-longer-accessible News Headline of that time.

The question remains: will Amazon further throttle access to historical data for one’s SoA/Vendor Account as a result of today’s headline, or not?

Only time will tell.

There’s a reason why so many of the seasoned and savvy forum veterans have advised us, for so many years throughout all of the various iterations of the ASF, not to depend upon Amazon to maintain one’s records AND offer up access to them in this or that of its databases; as they have long advocated, better it is to depend upon one’s own locally-maintained archives.