Digital Credits are gone (Buyer Side) for delayed shipping

Anyone else notice when you go to check out, shipping defaults (as a buyer) have changed?

It used to give you 5 options, Prime, Prime Day, Prime Day (in garage), and SLLLLOOOWWW (With a digital credit of $1-3).

Only showing 3 options now. NO SLOW Credit option, and it defaults to prime day, not 2 Day Prime.

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There is another recent thread that discussed this change.

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Amazon now uses the enticement of an extra 1% credit for delayed shipping when using an Amazon sponsored (Prime) credit card. So you get 6% cash back instead of 5% for the longer shipping timeframe. Just another way to nudge buyers to use Amazon’s credit card.


My delivery options vary depending on if my address has other upcoming deliveries, what facilities those are coming from, and when those are expected. Amazon definitely has in-the-moment bots evaluating your options in the background.

If you waiting saves them time/money, then you get the credits. If there’s no Amazon benefit, then you don’t.

I placed an order yesterday and had the digital credits option, but I don’t always have it–maybe 50-75% of the time.


Yea, I was going to write in essentially the same. Just placed an order and the credits offered looked normal.

Ordered this for a very unhappy Ollie…


[Dials Humane Society…]

Within the past two weeks, the Amazon-offered enticements to select a slower delivery option have varied between the digital credit and the additional 1% back on my Amazon Prime credit card (normally five percent cash-back increased to six percent).

However, the digital credits have a much shorter period before expiration. I just received $2.25 as a digital credit, but it expires March 15th.


I also got a $2.25 digital credit on an order to be delivered on 5 January. Never seen one so large before, but thanks for the warning to use it quickly. I find them difficult to track and probably lose as many as I spend.


Correcting the delivery date to 5 February.

I hate that the digital coupons expire so quickly. I know they still existed as last week I got one.

I prefer it over the 1 percent extra back. Like if your average item you buy is $25 then you only get .25 cents back. (I’m already getting the 5 percent back with my prime card) Digital credits are between $1 and $3 and most of the time I still am playing a few dollars when I redeem my digital credit. So Amazon clearly makes more money from me if they do digital credits.

25 cents isn’t enough to me to have to wait a week for an item. Now target I will save the $1 to bundle together because often times if I’m ordering from Target it’s taking a week anyway (sometimes they get it here in 2 days) and I also save the “obligatory $100” on random items that I would have spent if I went in store to target :joy::joy::joy:

Amazon just needs to rip off the bandaid and just rebrand Prime as a 3 day service with no rate hikes for x amount of years.


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I get about half the stuff I order overnight, maybe 40% in 2 days, and the other 10% takes longer than that. I never choose the delayed option though. It’s very much an overnight/2day service, and they’re working to make that experience more consistent by penalizing sellers who don’t stock enough inventory to consistently offer 1-2 day shipping. If anything they’ll push prime to be even faster as same-day/overnight, going to 3 days is the wrong direction and won’t be happening.

The marketing’s kind of brilliant if you think about it. They charge a fee for prime, and then make people think they’re getting some kind of discount by opting for slower shipping, and that discount is restricted to things that don’t cost Amazon any money to sell.


We never get prime items 2 day anymore, haven’t since Covid. Everything is at least 3 days, often longer. We’re smack dab in the middle of the US - it shouldn’t be that hard. Walmart and Target do 2 day to us, no problem.

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Do you happen to be in the red circle?

That seems to be an area that’s lacking FC coverage, in that general area 2 day shipping probably isn’t happening from an FBA warehouse.

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No, we’re SE of there…within 4 hours drive of Kansas City, and less than 2 hours from the FCs in the Omaha metro area. (which aren’t on this map?)

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map’s a few years old, so I’m sure a couple FCs sprung up since then.

That’s weird that you’re not getting 2 day prime then. I got no explanation for that one.

Thanks! I still think a lot of them have disappeared over the years.

I agree. Same here.